Jordan Poole threw mouthguard off court to mimic Stephen Curry’s ejection


Stephen Curry’s ejection from the game against Memphis Grizzlies was not taken well by his scholar Jordan Poole.

The game was left with just 1 minute 14 seconds remaining on the clock, but the referee did not tolerate Steph’s actions. Stephen Curry was seen to be very frustrated by Jordan Poole’s ill-advised 30-foot shot and threw his mouth guard on the court. The officials did not understand his actions and annoyance over his own teammate.

Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry
Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry

They instantly ejected the 3-point champion which even frustrated Jordan Poole. After his game winner Jordan Poole entered the tunnel only to see Steph waiting for him. He threw his own mouthpiece in style, to go ahead and shake hands with Stephen.

“It was a crucial time in the game, and the way that our season has gone, questions about a heightened sense of urgency … when you want something really bad … I reacted in a way that put myself out of the game and put the team in a tough place,” Stephen Curry said after the Warriors pulled off a wild 122-120 victory.

Jordan Poole had Stephen Curry’s back

“[It was] fire,” Jordan Poole said after the game. “It’s the only way to say it. It was pretty dope. … If anything, to take a positive from this, we know what to do in these crunch games. We’re getting a lot of experience with close games in the regular season, and that will definitely help us down the road.”

Jordan Poole
Jordan Poole

This was Stephen Curry’s third ejection in his glorious career. According to Stephen Curry, he was only showing his emotions on the court as the game was close and the Warriors were in desperate need for a win. He was upset after the officials penalized him.

Moreover, Jordan Poole saved the day after he made a 2 pointer with only 1 second remaining on the clock. He did redeem himself after the foolish shot which resulted in Steph’s ejection.

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