Stephen A Smith believes that Ben Simmons is going to ball out in the upcoming season to prove the world that he still is an elite player.

Ben Simmons
"He’s Going to Be Ready"- Stephen A Smith issues the league a warning regarding Nets star Ben Simmons 2

Ben Simmons missed the entirety of last season due to his issues with the 76ers, and also due to his injuries once he arrived in Brooklyn. He had surgery in the offseason and will be healthy for the upcoming season.

Recently, Stephen A Smith met Ben Simmons and discussed his meeting with the Nets star on ESPN. He believes that Simmons is going to be ready for the next season, and he is going to prove his doubters wrong.

Stephen A Smith said,I Ran Into Ben Simmons a Few Days Ago. We Had a Conversation, He You Know His Personal Business Is His Personal Business.  but He Spoke to Me and Was Very Honest and Forthcoming About a Lot of Things and Then He Took the Liberty of Telling Me He Will Be Ready.”

He added, “You Know He Doesn’t Want KD Going, He Doesn’t Want Kyrie Going but His Priority Is on Him. He’s Got Stuff to Prove, He Believes He Is a Superstar in This League, He Does Not Believe He Does Not Have a Jump Shot, He Believes He Never Attempts Jump Shots …Swears He’s Going to Be Ready.”

Even though the current situation in Brooklyn is not a good environment for a player like Ben Simmons, he is ready to show the world that he is a great player. If KD and Kyrie decide to stay in Brooklyn, then the Nets would be a legit championship contender.

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