The Brooklyn Nets were once one of the best teams in the NBA. When Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving formed a trio to win a championship in Brooklyn, the fans believed in them, but things didn’t turn out as expected for the trio.

However, the situation has turned out to be even worse this off-season and the biggest success the trio achieved was elimination in the second round. The team is starting to fall apart this summer as Durant demands a trade and Kyrie Irving is not offered a contract extension.

Brooklyn Nets
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Stefan A Smith believes that Joe Tsai, the Nets’ owner, should force Durant and Irving to give him another year. These were the thoughts that Smith shared on ESPN. “First Take” program and what Joe Tsai needed to communicate to his players.

The NBA analyst believes that the Brooklyn Nets could win everything next season, but they need all their players to keep up.

The Brooklyn Nets gave too much power to Kevin Durant.

The Brooklyn nets gave Kevin Durant the authority and power to make the decisions. The team gave Kevin Durant too much strength, which was going back.

Durant now wants to control the entire organization after he asked Joe Tsai to choose between him, Sean Marks, and Steve Nash. However, Tsai stood on the side of the general manager and head coach.

Smith noted that the Brooklyn Nets’ situation was complicated because of Kyrie Irving.

Brooklyn Nets
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However, the former NBA champion had Durant’s support, which made matters worse.  But remember, all the things that happened around you were Kyrie’s product, but Kyrie was the product because he had your support, “the NBA analyst said. So with you, you give me this year. 

Nobody knows what is happening between the team management and the players. Durant requested a trade in the off-season, as reports suggest that there might have been a fallout between the two. 

Player empowerment is great, but player entitlement is not, says Stephen A Smith.

The Brooklyn Nets are in a bad place right now because they have their players control the organization.

Stephen A. Smith spoke about strengthening the players but said that what Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving did was not a refreshment.

“The empowerment of players is great. I support that. “I am absolutely against player entitlements,” Smith said on the show. “Empowerment is great, but entitlement is the feeling that you get without giving

An NBA analyst pointed out that Kevin Durant gave a lot to the Nets since he was one of the top MVP candidates before he got hurt.

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