James Harden has not retired, he is just out with a foot injury that has sidelined him for a month.

Strange rumours have popped up on the internet saying that James Harden has recently retired. This is untrue as James Harden is still playing and his disappearance is due to a foot injury he sustained. James Harden strained a tendon in his right foot and was expected to miss a month of basketball.

Over the last few years, Harden has played a lot of minutes and that has taken a toll on his body. Over the last two or three seasons, Harden has been getting injured more frequently. In addition to this, Harden’s level of play has deteriorated since leaving the Houston Rockets.

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Harden started the season on fire but he was having trouble scoring in the games just before his injury. It looks like the Philadelphia 76ers’ trio of Harden, Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey is taking time to gel properly. This could prove problematic as the 76ers window to win a championship is rapidly closing.

76ers fans are hoping that Harden will return from injury quickly so that the squad can build some chemistry. For the Philadelphia 76ers to succeed this season, Harden, Embiid and Maxey have to be on the same wavelength.

When is James Harden expected to return from injury?

Harden reportedly strained the tendon in his right foot against the Washington Wizards. If the return timeline of 1 month stays true, Harden should be back by the first week of December. Recently Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach said that the injury was less severe than expected.

James Harden
James Harden

Rivers didn’t mention if Harden was going to return earlier than expected, but it looks like recovery is progressing well. This is good for the 76ers and their fans as Harden is an important piece of their plans this season.

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