Donovan Mitchell won the internet over after the Cleveland Cavaliers man gifted shoes to a fan who beat cancer.

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Los Angeles Lakers on the road in their latest outing on Sunday night. The Cavaliers constructed a brilliant turnaround from a first-half deficit to win 114-100 at the Arena because of an incredible second-half show in Los Angeles – and the Cavaliers would likely have to thank Donovan Mitchell for his contribution to the result.

Donovan Mitchell
Donovan Mitchell wins the internet over after gifting shoes to fan who beat cancer 3

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar was at the top of his game as he racked up 33 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists, along with completing 10 of his 17 attempted field goals at a success rate of 59%. It was “the Spider’s” heroics that inspired the Cavaliers to put on an incredible second-half display to come back from behind and register their eighth win of the season in nine games.

However, even with his extraordinary performance helping his team to a win and an 8-1 start to the season, Mitchell won his fans’ heart with something else. The 26-year-old guard took part in a heart-warming gesture after the game, in a moment that has since gone viral on social media.

What was the gesture with which Donovan Mitchell won the internet over?

Mitchell won the internet over with his gesture following the game, where he gifted shoes to a young fan who had just beaten cancer.

spidaxxx 4
Donovan Mitchell wins the internet over after gifting shoes to fan who beat cancer 4

Not only is Mitchell a brilliant player, but he is also a great person – and the Spider proved so as he kept his promise of gifting a young fan who had beaten cancer with his shoes after the game. Before the game had began, the young fan – with a banner saying that he had beaten cancer – found his way to the sidelines where Mitchell promised him to gift him his shoes after the game.

To the utter disbelief of the fan, Mitchell did not forget his promise even after a brilliant win – as he searched for the fan and upon finding him, gifted him his signed set of shoes. The look of disbelief on the fan’s face was everything, and the moment went viral on social media in no time.

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