Skip Bayless had earlier commented a thing about the insane dunk by Bronny James, and the former was called out by Jalen Rose.

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Jalen Rose fires shots at Skip Bayless for his absurd take on Bronny James' highlight dunk a few days ago 4

Broony James, the son of NBA Superstar LeBron James has started to make moves in his basketball career. He has been playing quite impressively in recent tournaments and had a highlight play where he went coast to coast for an explosive dunk.

Everyone was stunned after seeing Bronny do that dunk, as it gave people a glimpse of LeBron’s game. However, despite the brilliant dunk by Bronny, one person wasn’t fazed by it.

It was none other than the popular LeBron James criticizer Skip Bayless. He has criticized LeBron James throughout his career, and now it was time for Bronny James to receive the same treatment.

Talking about that dunk by Bronny, Bayless said, “Hey, Bronny … impressive. But your dad would’ve dunked it left-handed. You sure got away with it, though.”

Former NBA Player Jalen Rose was quick to call out this absurd take by Skip Bayless. He didn’t shy away from saying what he wanted to say and unleashed it on Bayless.

Jalen Rose on ESPN said,I Think for Multimedia Personalities That Say His Father Would Have Done It With His Left Hand and Averaged 1.4 Points as a Junior in High School Playing JV Should Be Absolved From Talking About a Topic Like This.”

Jalen Rose wants the media to treat Bronny James like a high-schooler, not a pro athlete

Bronny hasn’t made it to the NBA yet, but the talks about him have already started in the media world. Due to it, Jalen Rose said that they shouldn’t treat Bronny James like an athlete yet, and he should not be criticized.

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Jalen Rose fires shots at Skip Bayless for his absurd take on Bronny James' highlight dunk a few days ago 5

Jalen Rose said, “I Want Everybody to Make Sure That We Recognize Something His Name Is Bronnie Not Lebron and He Deserves to Be Covered Like a High School Scholar Just Like We Do With the Collegiate Scholars.”

He added, “Trust Me Jacoby When I’m Talking About a Pro Player the Amount of Criticism Is Gonna Be Vastly Different Than You Do for a Collegiate Player Why Because They’re the Youth.”

Jalen Rose is certainly right because Bronny hasn’t developed the mental aspect yet to deal with such media bashing. He isn’t LeBron James, and till then the media needs to keep control of themselves.

Jalen Rose saw a glimpse of LeBron James in Bronny’s dunk

Coming back to the dunk made by Bronny, it was quite sensational. He is on the right track to make it to the NBA, and with some years under his belt, he could become a great player.

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Jalen Rose fires shots at Skip Bayless for his absurd take on Bronny James' highlight dunk a few days ago 6

Talking about that dunk, Jalen Rose added, “So Anytime You Can Go Coast to Coast Like Brony Just Did and Dunk on Everybody’s Head When You Get a Chance I Was Playing Four Years of High School Three Years of College and 13 Years in the NBA Y’all Ain’t Gonna Roll a Tape of Me Doing That You See What I’m Saying So Yes That Means Something It Means Something as a Matter of Fact It Looked a Little Bit Like Lebron.”

Bronny’s progress has started to catch the eye of colleges around the country. Many top college programs are already eying to bring Bronny James to their college.

So far, the son of LeBron James hasn’t made a decision yet regarding where he will go to college. However, we can hear a decision coming pretty soon from Bronny’s side, as he is rising high among the prospects.

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