N Innocence Reroll Guide – Best Characters (March 2023)



Here’s our N Innocence reroll guide to help you get kickstarted in this fighting action RPG. Find out which characters you should be getting!

N Innocence is an anime RPG from the makers of Asobimo Inc. The developers have incorporated real-fighting gameplay and mechanics for N-Innocence. You just need to tap, flick, and slash your enemies in every combat. N Innocence has mythical crossover stories and you will traverse various dungeons in the magical fantasy universe. You can recruit up to 4 heroes to defeat your foes. Every character is specialized in Support, Attacking, Defense, Healing, and Damage. Each character in N Innocence has special moves and abilities that upgrade their powers and skills in the game. You can go with 2-3 hide to take part in every combat. Swords are your best weapons and you can also use effects and moves to tackle against every opponent in N Innocence.

The gods of N Innocence will explore various myths across the world which include Nordic mythology, Japanese mythology, and Greek mythology. Like usual gacha mobile games, you also need to complete reroll process before starting to play N Innocence. You need to pull the best SSR character to get the best results in battles of N Innocence. Here’s our best N Innocence reroll guide with easy tips and tricks along with the best heroes in the game.

N Innocence Reroll Guide

Here is how you can complete reroll and acquire the most powerful characters in N Innocence.

  • Launch N Innocence on your device
  • Log In as a guest account before pulling
  • Complete the entire tutorial process or else you can also skip it
  • Use stones to roll and pull your favorite characters
  • Link your account after summoning your favourite SSR character in N Innocence
  • Now you can start playing the game with new characters

That’s how you can complete the Reroll process in N Innocence. You can also repeat the same many times if you fail to pull your favorite or most powerful heroes in N Innocence. Once you get your best characters, you can bind and link your account.

N Innocence Reroll – Which are the best Characters?

You need to recruit the best character in the reroll process to progress faster in N Innocence. A powerful and top-tier character is what everyone would like to have in their squad. Here are the best characters to pull in N Innocence reroll. The characters in N Innocence are divided based on their rarity. There are 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star characters. Three-star characters are the most formidable units in N Innocence. Check out the best heroes in N Innocence below here and use them for every battle in the game.

N Innocence reroll guide
3-Star Thor in N Innocence


Thor, one of the most powerful heroes, is from Asgard and is also Odin’s eldest child. In N Inocennce, Thor is a girl right now and has the skill to transform into a boy at times. Thor boasts massive physical damage and healing. Overall, Thor is one of the recommended characters for both reroll and battles in N Innocence.


The Three-star red attribute character is an aggressive player. Apollon is a skillful warrior and has the best damage skills so far in the game. Apollon is the brother of Artemis and has two special skills that will increase his DMG stats for 30 seconds. He is a naturally powerful player and can fit into any team combination in N Innocence. Apollon is a great choice for the N Innocence reroll process. You can also pick for any battle and Apollon will unleash his beast skills in multiplayer combat.


Fafnir is the older brother of regin and is often deemed a diabolic dragon for his wicked deeds in his childhood days. He is one of the best ranged players and can be an excellent pick for reroll. He can attack faster and has the best buff skills. Fafnir has poor def and HP, other than that, you can pick fafnir for his insane attacking skills and he can also play from short-range and deal massive damage.


The three-star Amaterasu is an attacking hero and can attack from any range. Amaterasu also has the best AoE damage stats. Amaterasu has weaker def and you can utilize her with other best heroes in N Innocence. Amaterasu is an excellent pick for reroll and combat in the game. Upgrade amaterasu’s skills and weapons to get the best results in the game.


Often considered as Leader of Valkyries, Freya is a skillful hero and can deceive her enemies.  Freya is a two-star character in N Innocence and can be utilized for any team composition. Overall, Freya is another great choice for rerolling. The AoE and Ranged abilities of Freya are another reason to pick her in battles.


One of the powerful gods of Asgard, Loki with his magical talents and skills can dominate others. He is also the brother-in-law of Thor and both of them never had a camaraderie. Loki with the best HP and DMG stats is a proven versatile star. Loki has a couple of passive skills and talents that will make it harder for anyone to ignore him in N Innocence. Loki can be your first choice pick for both reroll and combat in the game.

How to Play N Innocence?

N Innocence, the 3D fighting action RPG is compatible with mobile and PC. As of now, the developers have launched the game only for the US and other limited regions. A full version global release launch of N Innocence is expected soon. N Innocence is a free-to-play game and you can download it from the App Store and Google Play Store once it’s available in your region. A unique fighting game where the touch and tap combat against different enemies keeps you engaged.

All the best characters in N Innocence along with the best reroll guide are shared. We will come back with more N Innocence updates and guides soon.

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