10 Best Story Games for Android


The selection criteria for the 10 best story games Android include engaging stories, unique gameplay mechanics, and positive user reviews.

Who does not love story games? Story games are what get us all excited. Playing the games and connecting to the stories of the characters and the world of the game is something every gamer loves.

You might have played lots of mobile games, but if you have not played these best story games Android then you are missing out on something really big. In this guide, we have brought you the 10 best story games Android so read it till the end and find out which game suits you the best.

Best Story Games Android

Batman: The Telltale Series

Batman Telltale
Batman Telltale

First on our list of best story games Android is none other than, Batman! Batman: The Telltale Series is a point-and-click story game released in 2016 that is broken up into episodes. As both Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne, the player takes on the part of Batman. They both get an equal amount of play time, but sometimes the game will let the player choose whether to act as Wayne or Batman in a certain situation. 

Even though there are some continuity issues, Batman is very similar to the books. However, his deeds and attitude depend on what the player does throughout the series. He could play Batman in a way that is much more classic and inspiring than other versions of the Dark Knight, or he could play him in a way that is much more violent and cold.

The Silent Age

The Silent Age gameplay
The Silent Age gameplay

The Silent Age has a simple point-and-click interface that lets players interact with objects by moving the cursor over them. To move forward, players must solve a series of tasks, mostly by finding things they need to get past barriers. 

The main part of the game is a movable time machine that lets the main character move between the present and the future and solve problems by finding things in both times. The game is broken up into chapters, and to get to the next chapter, the player must solve problems in each chapter. For example, someone might be trying to open a door and time-traveling to find an item that can give them the key.


Oxenfree is a graphic adventure game that is played from a 2.5D view. The figures are 3D, but the surroundings are 2D. Alex is a youngster who is visiting a nearby island with some friends. The player controls Alex. After setting off a supernatural force on the island by chance, Alex and his friends need to figure out what it is and how to stop it. This is one of the best story games Android.

The Wolf Among Us

The wolf among us is one of the best
The wolf among us is one of the best

The “walk and talk” mechanism is the backbone of the gameplay. Rather than dialogue coming during cutscenes, the player is presented with speech bubbles over Alex’s head, allowing them to choose between two or three different lines of discussion. Also, Alex may still wander about and explore the game environment as he pleases. 

At any point during a discussion, the player has the choice to choose between waiting for other characters to complete, interrupting, or being mute. The player’s choice may have an impact on the characters’ relationship depending on the speech options, which cause a thinking bubble with Alex within to appear over their heads.

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park gameplay
Thimbleweed Park gameplay

In the same way that early graphic adventures games did, Thimbleweed Park lets players move through different scenes from a third-person view and do things by using “verb commands” like “use,” “pick up,” and “talk to.” Verb orders can be used to do things like let a character pick up an item and add it to their collection, talk to another character, or use an item on something else. 

The story of the game is told in a number of parts. To move on to the next chapter, players must finish a set of goals and solve a number of puzzles, some of which require using more than one character. Players can choose from about five different characters, and they can switch between them at any time, just like in Maniac Mansion.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange
Life is Strange

Adventure games like Life Is Strange are played from a third-person point of view. The player can look at and interact with items, which lets them solve puzzles (like fetch quests) and change the world around them. The player can go to different places and talk to people that are not in the game. There are different ways to continue a talk in dialogue exchanges. 

There are times when decisions made in conversation will change the story and have short- or long-term effects. There is a chance that something good in the short term could become bad in the long term for each choice. If you are craving for best story games Android, then this is the for you.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

The third-person perspective of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons overlooks the brothers. Two controller thumbsticks move the brothers separately. The brother talks to a non-player character or grabs a ledge or object when the controller activates. A stronger older brother can pull levers or lift his smaller sibling, whereas the younger brother can pass between thin bars. 

The player advances by managing both brothers at once to solve problems, frequently needing one to distract a hostile non-player character while the other moves. If either sibling falls or is hurt, the game resets at a recent checkpoint. All in-game conversation is delivered in a fictitious Lebanese Arabic, so movements, gestures, and emotions tell the tale. Your search for the best story games Android will end if you try out this game.

This War of Mine

Survive in this war
Survive in this war

In This War of Mine, the player commands a group of civilian survivors hiding in a destroyed house in Pogoren, Graznavia, a besieged fictitious city. The aim is to survive the conflict using the tools and resources the player finds. Most characters under the player’s control have no military or survival experience and require frequent player involvement to survive. While waiting for a randomized ceasefire, the player must preserve their characters’ health, hunger, and mood.

The Walking Dead

Best story game
Best story game

The Walking Dead comes from a comic book with the same name. The events of the game happen at the same time as those in the comic. The story begins at the start of a zombie apocalypse, where dead people have turned into “walkers” that feed on live people, quickly killing off most of the population. 

As shown in the comic and the show, this is caused by a virus that all live people have. When a person dies, the virus takes over their brain, and the only way to stop it is to destroy the brain. The Walking Dead is one of the best story games Android.

Forgotten Memories 

Forgotten memories gameplay
Forgotten memories gameplay

You will play Rose Hawkins in Forgotten Memories. She is a strong, independent woman who is looking for Eden, a child who has gone missing. Rose finds herself hurt and in a strange place when she wakes up. As she looks for the girl, she gets stuck in a disaster that never ends, and time stops. To figure out what’s going on with her scary investigation, Rose will have to face her worst fears. This is one of the best story games Android.


What defines a “story game” on Android, and why are they popular?

A story game on Android is characterized by its emphasis on narrative-driven gameplay. These games are popular as they provide immersive storytelling experiences, allowing players to connect with characters and plotlines.

How do story games on Android differ from other genres, and what makes them stand out?

Story games on Android stand out by prioritizing narrative elements over traditional gameplay mechanics. They often involve decision-making, character development, and immersive storytelling, distinguishing them from genres focused solely on action or strategy.

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