If you are playing Multiversus then you definitely know how powerful Taz is. To make him stronger and learn his playstyle, read our Multiversus Taz guide. 

MultiVersus features two Looney Tunes characters – Taz and Bugs Bunny. Both are popular due to their unique and powerful movesets. Unlike Bugs Bunny, Taz is straightforward to play and has a lot of potential to flinch at enemies. During early access beta, the Tasmanian Devil’s tornado ability, called the Taz-nado, was already tuned to balance out his power. 

As a result, he is capable of dealing some major damage with almost no consequences. In addition to being extremely annoying for any enemy team, the Tasmanian Devil can also be made more annoying by using the right combos and perks. Therefore, in our Multiversus Taz Guide, we will tell you about the best perks, combos, and more.

Taz in matchmaking
Taz in matchmaking

Multiversus Taz Guide: Best Perks

Iron Stomach

Burping an anvil against characters using projectile-based attacks is possible after equipping this signature perk. You can swap this with ‘I Gotta Get In There’ if you’re playing a 2 vs 2 match to boost Taz’s Up + Special move when allies jump into it.

Percussive Punch Power

Due to his horizontal combat style, Taz’s damage output is increased by 5% by applying this perk.

School Me Once

As a result of this perk, if you are knocked back by a projectile, you will receive a projectile block buff for 2 seconds, making it possible to “punish” opponents who use projectile attacks against you.

Absorb ‘n’ Go

If Taz or one of his allies is knocked back by a projectile, they will receive a 7% ability cooldown refund. This perks allows Taz to become an anti-projectile character when combined with School Me Once.

Taz using his tornado attack
Taz using his tornado attack

Multiversus Taz Guide: Best Combos

Horizontal Combo

Aerial Down + Attack Down + Attack Side + Attack Neutral + Attack

With this horizontal combo, Taz builds up damage over time by using his normal attacks. The combo deals 25-27 damage against opponents without any perks, so you can use it as a starting point for more complex combos.

Vertical Combo

Aerial Down + Attack Up + Attack Up + Special

Using Taz’s special attacks and normal attacks, this combination knocks opponents out of the air. Having 100 damage and above, you should use Aerial Down + Attack + Up + Special (full charged) to knock them out. Without using any perks, the combination deals 26 damage to enemies. Therefore, no doubt it is a great combo.

Chew It Yourself Combo

Aerial Down + Attack Netural + Special Neutral + Attack

As a result of Taz’s “Chew It Yourself” attack, opponents are stunned and incoming projectiles are destroyed. Without using any perks, this combo deals 21-23 damage to opponents.

Taz gameplay
Taz gameplay

Things to keep in mind about Taz

In our Multiversus Taz guide, we will also give you some important tips about Taz so that you can play with this character more effectively.

  • By staying near enemies, Taz’s Horizontal Fighting Style and moves can be applied, allowing him to deal damage as he pleases.
  • If you are trying to take advantage of Taz’s unique moveset in the air, keep your opponent grounded. Taz is excellent on the ground, but his options are fairly limited in the air.
  • Dogpile! Dogpile! On cooldown, Taz jumps up and swipes twice right after launching a dogpile. After an enemy enters, the dogpile hits multiple times with a powerful finish. This is one of the best special attacks Taz have. 
  • As soon as you unlock the Taz, you should try it out in training mode. Taz is the second strongest Bruiser in the game, only behind Batman. His powerful attacks and perks are a result of this, and training mode gives you the opportunity to practice all of his abilities.
Taz gameplay
Taz gameplay

Passive Ability

  • Bottomless Pit – Taz’s attacks can damage enemies with Tasty. When Tasty enemies are knocked back, they receive stacks of Tasty.
  • Cooked enemies cannot attack Taz when Tasty reaches max stacks. When a Cooked enemy takes damage, pieces of chicken break off and heal Taz if picked up.
  • Taz will lick thier allies as he passes, and this heals them for a short time. Licking an ally also has a cooldown.

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