Mojo Rawley took advantage of Brock Lesnar beating Truth on Raw to win the WWE 24/7 title

WWE star Mojo Rawley was at his opportune best on this week’s Raw as he won the 24/7 title from Truth.

Truth had gone out on stage to threaten Paul Heyman with an elimination in the Royal Rumble. However, Brock Lesnar’s advocate reminded the then 24/7 champion that The Best was taking part in the match.

Mojo Rawley WWE NFL
Mojo Rawley picked up the 24/7 title on this week’s Raw (Image credit: WWE)

Truth then backed out of the Rumble but Lesnar put him through an F-5. That was enough for Rawley to come and pick up the 24/7 title.

This was Rawley’s second reign as the champion and he vowed to make things different with the title.

Mojo Rawley was in a couple of NFL teams before joining the WWE. However, the 33-year-old suffered injuries while playing football and switched his attention to wrestling while in rehab.

Madness in the 24/7 title

Rawley is right in suggesting that things have been a little crazy with the 24/7 title.

There have been too many title drops and pick-ups, and it will be interesting to see how the former Hype Bros member does.

Rawley had been given a push by WWE in the past but he couldn’t make the most of it. The 24/7 title has mostly been used for comic relief and Truth had done a great job with it.

However, Rawley seems to be taking it in a different direction and he could hold onto the title for a while.

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Truth would be upset at losing the title after Lesnar’s attack and should be keen on winning the crown next week.

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