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Modern Warfare 3 best vests offer unique benefits, such as faster reloading, extended Tac Sprint duration, grenade replenishment, and more.

Custom Loadouts are the most important part of Modern Warfare 3 because they give players a lot of ways to make their games unique. Sledgehammer Games’ new Gear system adds a twist to standard Perks by giving players options like Boots and Gloves, each of which gives them their own benefits. 

The Vests, on the other hand, are the most important pieces of Gear because they change loadouts and gameplay in big ways. Not to make things too hard for you, we’ll talk about the top 3 Modern Warfare 3 Best Vests below. We’re going to add two more vests to the list that are also good choices in case you need them.

Modern Warfare 3 Best Vests

Modern Warfare 3 best vests have the power to reshape loadouts by adding tactical options, adjusting lethal equipment, and more. The choice of Vest can be pivotal in determining the playstyle and effectiveness of your character. Let’s get into the ranking of the Modern Warfare 3 best vests:

1. Overkill Vest

Overkill vest
Overkill vest

There are a lot of different ways to load up in Modern Warfare 3, and the Overkill Vest stands out as an interesting and smart choice. This vest stands out because it has a variety of useful features, but one that stands out is that it lets you reload faster while sprinting, which is very helpful in the fast-paced and changing fights that make up MW3’s multiplayer experience.

The idea of faster reloading isn’t unique to the Overkill Vest. What makes it unique is how well it works with other gear, especially the Commando Gloves. When worn with the Overkill Vest, these gloves have an effect that is stronger than the sum of its parts. The result is that your character is faster overall, which gives them a big advantage in tight firefights when they need to move quickly and accurately.

The Overkill Vest is at the top of the list not just because it’s the best item on its own, but also because it’s the only piece that fits all the pieces of the gear customization puzzle. This is the piece that holds everything together, especially parts that are spread out in other gear, like the Grip Gloves. Because it brings these parts together, the Overkill Vest helps you get the most out of your loadout.

The journey to get the Overkill Vest starts at level 50 for those who want to use it. By strategically mixing jackets and gloves, players can now fine-tune their loadouts and add a new level of customization. The Overkill Vest’s ability to work with gear like Grip Gloves gives it even more flexibility, making it a good choice for players who want to optimize their loadout in a more complete and refined way. This has to be on our list of Modern Warfare 3 best vests.

2. Infantry Vest

Infantry vest
Infantry vest

What makes the Infantry Vest unique is how well it works with a wide range of gear configurations. It becomes the key to customization, letting players make loadouts that work with the way they like to play. No matter if you like accurate shooting, close combat, or tactical support, the Infantry Vest is a strong base that can be used for a variety of strategies.

One great thing about the Infantry Vest is that it can extend the Tactical Sprint, which is great for players who like to move quickly and easily in MW3’s fast-paced fights. With the longer length of the Tac Sprint, players can move around in new ways, making it easier for them to move through the battlefield’s different terrain.

In contrast to some pieces of gear that you need to level up to get, the Infantry Vest is very easy to get. This vest is ready for you as soon as you enter the multiplayer field to improve your gear and give your character more power. This ease of entry means that all players, no matter how experienced they are, can use the Infantry Vest’s benefits right away.

For players favoring speed-centric tactics and agile gameplay, the Infantry Vest is an ideal starting point. Whether you’re sprinting to secure objectives, outmaneuvering opponents in close-quarters engagements, or swiftly navigating the battlefield, the Infantry Vest serves as a catalyst for success from the very outset. There is no doubt that this is one of the Modern Warfare 3 best vests.

3. Demolition Vest

Demolition vest
Demolition vest

The main purpose of the Demolition Vest is to keep a steady flow of grenades going, which gives players the tools to confuse and upset their opponents. Every 25 seconds, the strategic replenishment happens very quickly, making deadly and tactical grenades easy to get. This lets players keep putting pressure on the other team, which turns the battlefield into a lively place full of explosions and strategy chaos.

For players who like being noticeable on the battlefield, this vest is just what they need. The Demolition Vest gives you the tools you need to carry out disruptive strategies successfully, whether your goal is to get rid of enemies who are already in place, create distractions, or cause confusion among enemy forces. As a result, it changes the normal rules of fight and lets you control how it goes by planning for chaos.

Players need to begin their journey to level 30 before they can use the Demolition Vest’s powerful power. This gives you access to a new level of customization and strategy options, as well as the Demolition Vest’s unique advantages. As you move up the ranks, the vest becomes a sign of your control over chaos. For your hard work, it gives you the tools to change the battlefield to fit your strategic plans.

For players who revel in the thrill of controlled explosions and disruptive tactics, the Demolition Vest serves as a beacon. It’s not just a piece of gear; it’s an embodiment of a playstyle that thrives on unpredictability and calculated mayhem. As you don the Demolition Vest, each grenade becomes a catalyst for reshaping the narrative of the battle, offering you the opportunity to become the orchestrator of chaos on the MW3 battlefield.


VestKey FeaturesUnlock LevelPlaystyle
Overkill VestFaster reloading while sprintingLevel 50Strategic, synergistic with Commando Gloves
Synergy with Commando Gloves for enhanced speedVersatile loadout customization
Completes gear customization puzzle
Infantry VestVersatility with various gear setupsAvailable from startVersatile, aligns with diverse playstyles
Extended Tactical Sprint durationSuited for speed-centric tactics and agile gameplay
Accessible to players of all experience levels
Demolition VestRapid replenishment of lethal and tactical grenadesLevel 30Disruptive, constant pressure on the opposition
Grenades available every 25 secondsIdeal for disruptors who thrive on chaos
Reshapes battlefield through calculated mayhem

Additional Modern Warfare 3 Best Vests

1. Engineer Vest

Strategically countering field upgrades and killstreaks becomes seamless with the Engineer Vest. When aiming down sights, the vest notifies the team about the locations of these elements, allowing for quick counteraction. Additionally, it accelerates the recharge of field upgrades. Unlock this vest by reaching level 30. This is another option if you are looking for Modern Warfare 3 best vests.

2. CCT Comms Vest

A favorite among tacticians, the CCT Comms Vest feels like a game-changer. It extends the duration of enemy pings on the radar and transmits this information to the team. This strategic advantage, when paired with a UAV kill streak, can disrupt enemy plans. Unlock this potent vest at level 40.


What makes the Overkill Vest in the list of Modern Warfare 3 best vests?

The Overkill Vest stands out for its scattered benefits, particularly faster reloading while sprinting. Its uniqueness lies in its synergy with other gear, such as Commando Gloves. Pairing these gloves with the Overkill Vest enhances overall character speed. Unlocking at level 50, it complements gear pieces like Grip Gloves.

Is the Infantry Vest available from the start in Modern Warfare 3?

Yes, the Infantry Vest is accessible right from the beginning of Modern Warfare 3. This versatile vest synergizes well with various gear options, making it an ideal choice for players who favor speed and agility. No unlocking is needed; you can incorporate the Infantry Vest into your loadout from the start.

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