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Modern Warfare 3

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Are you looking to try out and dominate the opponents in Modern Warfare 3? If yes then this guide is made just for you.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has become a huge hit in the gaming community. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the series, you need to get the most out of your games. This complete guide goes over five important tips and tricks that will make your Modern Warfare 3 experience better and help you not only live but also take control of the virtual battlefield.

Modern Warfare poster
Modern Warfare poster

Modern Warfare 3 Tips and Tricks

Behavior Settings

Mastering the art of customizing is very important in Call of Duty, where things constantly evolve. An extra minute or two to tweak your Behavior Settings can make a huge difference in how well you do, whether you’re on PC or a device.

The Controller screen has a lot of settings that you can use to improve your game. Check out settings like how sprints and tactical sprints work, how climbing works, and how you want your weapons to be mounted. The changes that need to be made depend on how you like to play, whether you like to be guarded in Ground War or quick in other games.

To learn more about how the controller moves, go to the Controller menu and select the Gameplay option. Change ground mantling, door bashing, tactical run, and other moves to fit your plan. Here, you can fine-tune combat behaviors, such as how ADS works and how weapon mounts are activated, for the highest level of accuracy.

Tactical Techniques

Outsmart your opponents by pre-firing around corners. Utilize sound cues, visual observations, or the mini-map to anticipate lurking foes. With an automatic weapon in hand, firing as you turn a corner not only increases your chances of hitting your target but also disrupts their composure, giving you a tactical advantage.

In the fast-paced world of Modern Warfare 3, every second counts. Gain the upper hand by bypassing the slow gun pull-out animation. For users of machine pistols like the akimbo FMGs, swiftly switch to your secondary weapon immediately after spawning. This technique is particularly potent with the Overkill perk, offering a decisive edge in firefights.

Modern Warfare poster
Modern Warfare poster

Complete Daily Challenges

Daily challenges, often a source of frustration, find their solution in the expansive battlegrounds of Ground War. While not directly contributing to objectives, this mode provides ample targets, space, and time, allowing you to efficiently complete challenges without the usual multiplayer pressures.

The Tac-Stance Advantage

For those seeking the perfect balance between hip fire and ADS, Tac-Stance is the answer. Positioned to enhance mobility and handling, Tac-Stance’s canted firing position provides improved ADS speed and controlled bullet spread. Customize your Tac-Stance configuration in the Gameplay Settings under Combat Behaviors, where options for Tactical Stance Activation and Tactical Stance Behavior await your fine-tuning.

The Art of Strafing

Quick time-to-kill rates are what make Call of Duty games, like Modern Warfare 3, what they are. It’s not possible to stay still. Learn how to strafe, which means going from side to side, to avoid bullets and make it easier to stay alive. Strafing is especially useful when attacking enemies because it keeps you hidden and unpredictable on the battlefield.


To sum up, getting good at Modern Warfare 3 requires a strategic approach to modification, tactical skill, and quick finishing of challenges. Put these five tips and tricks to use in your game, and watch as you quickly pass your opponents and move up the ranks.


What is Tac-Stance, and how can it be advantageous in Modern Warfare 3?

Tac-Stance is a balanced stance between hip fire and ADS, designed for aggressive plays. It enhances mobility and handling with a canted firing position, offering improved ADS speed and controlled bullet spread. Customize it in Gameplay Settings under Combat Behaviors.

What’s the benefit of mastering the gun pull-out animation in Modern Warfare 3?

Swiftly switching to your secondary weapon, especially after spawning with machine pistols like akimbo FMGs, bypasses the slow gun pull-out animation. This technique is crucial for gaining the upper hand in fast-paced firefights.

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