Metria Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Begginers


Check out our Metria Guide with all the best tips and tricks to help you get started in this adventure game.

Are you a fan of adventure and exploration? If so, immerse yourself in the world of METRIA, a game that offers captivating role-playing gameplay. Embark on a journey through an expansive open world, encountering a variety of adventurous challenges. Beyond exploration, engage in thrilling battles, vanquish evil foes, and amass a collection of valuable items as you welcome new characters into your expedition through the innovative gacha system. The game promises a wonderful and exciting experience.

Discover the uniqueness of each character in the game, each possessing distinct abilities. Utilize the gacha system to obtain characters of varying rarities, enabling you to commence your adventure in different areas of the expansive open world with these formidable allies. While the game is abundant in adventure, it can become more challenging as you delve deeper.

Arm yourself with the knowledge provided in the METRIA game beginner guide to navigate the complexities and discover top tricks for defeating adversaries. Interested in playing METRIA on PC with LDPlayer 9? This beginner guide not only introduces you to the game but also equips you with tips and tricks, ensuring you thoroughly enjoy the gameplay.

Metria Guide – Tips for Begginers

1. Switch Characters for Different Skills

In the METRIA game, there’s a character switch system that allows you to interchange between characters integrated into the battle formation. The formation permits the inclusion of up to two characters: one acting as a leader and the other two as sub-characters. It’s essential to populate your battle formation with top-tier characters to ensure exhilarating battles culminate in triumphs.

Metria Guide

Each character boasts a distinctive set of abilities, featuring two primary skills and one auxiliary skill. The skills vary based on the character, emphasizing the importance of strategic character switching during battles at opportune moments. Given the diversity in skills, swapping characters becomes pivotal, enabling you to optimize the use of all abilities across the entire roster when transitions occur.

2. Use the Gacha System to Pull Characters

Within the METRIA game, there exists a gacha system enabling you to acquire characters. As previously mentioned, securing the most formidable characters for your team is crucial for prevailing in battles against formidable adversaries. Therefore, it is imperative to engage with the gacha system to procure these characters.

While your goal is to obtain the best characters through the gacha system, it’s essential to note that character acquisition is random. The gacha system assigns different drop rates based on character rarity. Upon reviewing these drop rates, you’ll discern that attaining a higher rarity character in METRIA proves challenging. This is because the highest rarity characters consistently possess the lowest drop rates, while the lowest rarity characters enjoy the highest likelihood of being obtained.

  • SSR – 3%
  • SR – 47%
  • R – 50%

3. A Strategic Approach to Unlocking Top-Tier Characters in METRIA

Due to the drop rates established in this gacha system, attaining a higher rarity character becomes challenging. To mitigate this possibility, consider employing the rerolling technique. By rerolling with multiple accounts, you can swiftly acquire the best characters for your gameplay. To streamline this process, play the METRIA game on your PC using LDPlayer 9 and create multiple accounts for rerolling, utilizing the Multi-Instance Sync feature.

Engage in rerolls across all accounts, providing an efficient method to incorporate the highest rarity SSR characters into your gameplay swiftly. Equipped with these top-tier characters, you can construct an optimal battle formation, ensuring swift and effortless victories across various battles.

4. Raise Your Characters’ Levels to Take Strong Opponents Lightly

Boosting your character levels is a key METRIA tip for strengthening your heroes. Start by accessing the Edit Character tab in the main menu, and opening the hero roster. Choose a character you want to enhance and increase its level using the Traveler’s Diary item. Elevating character levels enhances their HP, attack, defense, critical, and elemental damage.

This method significantly empowers your characters, but ensure you allocate resources wisely, focusing on leveling up only the best characters. Strengthened characters become formidable, instilling confidence that your team can swiftly overcome any enemy, making battles more manageable.

5. Equip Tarots to the Characters

The tarot system in the METRIA game is special. In this game, each character can use up to four tarots. When a character has tarots equipped, they can use the tarot skills in battles when needed. Tarots act like boosters, giving your characters cool new skills, so make sure to equip them for a power-up.


This is a great way to make your characters stronger in the game. Each tarot has a specific effect, so before putting a tarot on a character, check if it matches well with their attributes. Always remember to pair tarots with matching attributes to create an awesome combination of skills for your characters.

6. Every Character is Specialized at a Specific Attribute

Each character in the game has a specific talent. Some are great at attacking, some at supporting, and others at weakening enemies. To use them well in battles, start by figuring out what each character is best at.

7. Leveraging Character Strengths for Victory in Battles


Once you know their strengths, use them wisely in battles. If a character is excellent at attacking, send them to fight enemies. On the other hand, if a character is a good supporter, avoid using them in direct combat. This way, you make the most of each character’s abilities by recognizing their unique talents.

8. Check Quests and Complete Them

Playing the game revolves around completing quests, something you start doing right from the beginning. Your progress in quests unlocks new features for your gameplay. To speed up in METRIA, make sure to finish quests quickly. There are three types: main, side, and guild.

Main quests follow the main story, while side quests are like extra activities along the way. Joining a guild activates guild quests. Quests don’t have time limits, and you can complete them whenever you want. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the quests you need to finish one by one. Alternatively, check the main menu and quests tab to view all quests. Completing these quests not only helps you progress but also earns you rewards, so be sure to finish them all.

9. Repair the Gathering Tools

You can easily pick up herbs and other things by using your characters’ hands. But you’ll need special tools when you want to gather special resources like cutting down trees for wood. Once you get these tools, equip them by going to the Gathering Tools tab on the main game screen.


Every tool has a specific durability, showing how long you can use it. As you use the tools more, their durability goes down and eventually becomes zero. When a tool’s durability hits zero, it breaks and disappears. So, before that happens, take your tools to a blacksmith in the game to repair and make them usable again.

10. Fun Activities to Engage in

This game is awesome because it’s not just about battles. You can have a lot of fun exploring, fishing, and gathering resources. It’s not all fighting, you know! Exploring is great here with a huge map and lots of checkpoints. There’s even a portal that takes you where you want to go in a snap, making exploration super cool and fast.

And guess what? You can also go fishing in METRIA! All you need is a fishing rod, and you can start catching fish to add more fun to your gameplay. Besides fishing, you can wander around the areas and collect specific items that you think will be useful in your METRIA adventure. So, it’s not just battles; there’s a whole world of exciting activities waiting for you!


Discover top tips and tricks to conquer enemies and uncover hidden truths in METRIA. With its abundant adventures, quests, and exploration, players quickly embrace the game. Join in now, apply the tips from this beginner guide, and enjoy an enthralling gameplay experience!

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