Check out Melty Blood Type Lumina’s current tier list for the 2D Doujin fighting game that has stood the test of time.

A fighting game that has stood the test of time and created a reputation in the competitive scene since 2002. This is a pseudo-sequel to the visual novel Suki Hime, also known as the bathroom fighter owning to its low spec requirements.

This is a 3-button fighter using light, medium and heavy attacks. There is a button to block attacks and counter-attack or dodge your opponent’s attacks. While the original Melty Blood was pixel art styled, the type Lumina looks much more refined.

Where can you play Melty Blood: Type Lumina?

Melty Blood can be played on all platforms from Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and PC. On all the major platforms, the game has very low spec requirements and a highly competitive scene.

Melty Blood Tier List

The game has a variety of tier lists depending on the region you are playing in. We have created a general

  • You can quickly see who the best characters are and who you should be playing.
  • You can learn what match-ups are favorable and unfavorable for each character.
  • You understand what the general consensus is on each character’s strength.
  • It helps you determine what characters to practice against.

S Tier

One of the most powerful and dangerous characters in the game they can easily take down any enemy.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Tier List Red Arcueid
Melty S Tier – Red Arcueid
  • Red Arcueid
  • Kohaku
  • Akiha Tohno

A Tier

Altoh they are themselves quite strong they may have quite a few weaknesses that can be exploited.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Tier List Miyako Arima
Melty A tier – Miyako Arima
  • Miyako Ariyama
  • Kouka Kishima
  • Saber

B Tier

Melty B Tier - Ciel
Melty B Tier – Ciel

They are the solid all-rounders, that can hold their own against most heroes. They can do their best in most situations.

  • Ciel
  • Shiki Tohno

C Tier

Melty Blood Type Lumina Tier List Noel
Melty C Tier – Noel

This is the tier where things get a little difficult, these characters are a challenge for the players to play with.

  • Vlov Arkhangel
  • Noel

D Tier

Melty Blood Type Lumina Tier List
Melty D Tier – Hisui

These are the worst heroes available in the game, they are absolutely unusable.

  • Michael Roa Valdamjong
  • Arcueid Brunestud
  • Hisui

To reflect upon the ever-changing character power list, we are dedicated to bringing you the best character for your enjoyment.

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