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With the release of Brelshaza’s hard mode and the new tier of Ancient gear that corresponds to it, there is a lot to look forward. You can find a lot of things in the update that came out this month. Additionally, there is a new guardian raid and the opening of Fortunespire tier three. Furthermore, there is the introduction of powerful Sidereal gear, and, of course, a lot of snazzy cosmetics that will thrill players.

Anikka is revered as the place where the Solar Guardian Hanumatan resides. In order to build their own form of martial art, the martial artists of Anikka imitated Hanumatan’s motions. Hanumatan, who was a strong force of destruction during the Chain War five hundred years ago, has awoken from a long slumber. This is because he senses that chaos is about to break out in Arkesia. 

After seeing the status of the world with an objective perspective, he has arrived at one conclusion. It is: humans are the enemies that are putting Arkesia in peril. It is imperative that Hanumatan be thwarted before his icy and infuriating rage eradicates every living thing on Arkesia. To know more about the Lost Ark Hanumatan Guardian Raid, read this guide till the end.

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Lost Ark Hanumatan Guardian Raid Guide

Regarding Hanumatan, this enormous Solar Guardian in the form of an ape has arrived and reached at a conclusion. He feels that the humans are Arkesia’s primary source of threat. That, of course, indicates that you’ll have to engage in conflict with him in order to dissuade him from his position. 

It is necessary to have an item level of 1540 in order to take on Hanumatan in a Guardian Raid. Similarly to Brelshaza in Hard Mode, Ancient items can be acquired by raid parties that are successful in harvesting the Guardian’s soul. In the same way that it is possible for previous Level 6 Guardian Raids, there is a chance that the Legendary Galewind Rune will fall (once per Roster). The connected island of Aberrant Mist Forest has been introduced to the game.

Lost Ark Hanumatan Guardian Raid Phases

The Guardian Raid consists of 4 phases and has 3 layers of armor. In the first 3 phases, there is an opportunity to destroy one layer of armor. If the first destruction check fails during a phase, there will be a second opportunity to destroy the armor before Hanumatan transitions into the next phase. However, it is advisable to destroy the armor during the first check as the second check before transitioning to the next phase is usually more challenging.

It’s worth noting that if your party deals high damage, the first destruction check might get skipped. In such cases, you will have to succeed in the destruction check before the transition. If your party’s damage is average or low and you failed to counter during the first destruction check, the Guardian may repeat it before transitioning to the next phase.

The destruction check itself is easy and provides a permanent buff to the party every time you succeed. Phase 1 offers a 15% movement speed boost, Phase 2 offers a 10% cooldown reduction, and Phase 3 offers a 10% attack speed boost. However, failing the check increases the difficulty of the last phase and allows Hanumatan to use a devastating attack when transitioning to the final phase.

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Stacking Buffs and Debuffs

During the entire Hanumatan fight, each player receives a stacking buff or debuff for 10 seconds every time they hit the Guardian. With each stack, the damage taken by Hanumatan increases by 1.25% (2% per stack in Phase 4), and the critical hit rate increases by 1%. This stacking effect can reach a maximum of 40 stacks, which decrease when a player gets hit by the Guardian. When a player reaches certain thresholds of debuff or buff stacks, they unlock additional buffs. The eye above the head of each player changes to provide visual feedback:

  • 1 to 9 stacks (Eye closed): No additional buffs.
  • 10 to 39 stacks (Eye half-open): 5% Cooldown Reduction.
  • 40 stacks (Eye wide open): 30% Cooldown Reduction.

Using Pheromone Bomb during the fight can help maintain the stack count without losing any stacks during phase transitions.

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