Lords of the Fallen Tower of Penance Beacon Quest – Locations, Objectives & More



Ready for the Lords of the Fallen Tower of Penance Beacon Quest? Uncover locations, objectives, and more with our detailed quest guide.

Lords of the Fallen is a dark fantasy and souls-like RPG adventure. The game’s new mechanics have been spectacular and you will find many secrets, NPCs and weapons throughout the campaign. Beacon is a savepoint where you will be able to save your progress, upgrade stats, teleport to new realms and rest well. You have to cleanse beacons in major locations of the game that are contaminated by dangerous creatures.

Tower of Penance is the land of Hallowed Sentinels and here you will find one of the game’s beacons. Before you cleanse the Tower of Penance Beacon, make sure to complete mini-boss fights and side-quests. Once you cleanse all beacons, new stories will unlock and it can be useful especially if you want to get the best secret endings in the game. So, find everything about the Lords of the Fallen Tower of Penance Beacon locations and steps to complete this task.

Lords of the Fallen Tower of Penance Beacon Guide & Walkthrough 

Lords of the Fallen Tower of Penance Beacon Quest Location
Lords of the Fallen Tower of Penance Beacon Quest Location

To reach the Tower of Penance, you have to collect the key in Pilgrim’s Perch. First, you can reach the Vestige of Agatha and defeat a mini-boss. Then collect the key as the boss drops it at the end. Your next location is Manse of the Halloweed Brothers. Next, you have to defeat the Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho, the Knight who guards the Tower. You can find this secondary boss near the bridge.

You can use any melee or ranged weapons along with Holy Salts to clear this side boss. Next, you have to find the elevator to reach the top of the tower. But before that you have to slay the Tancred boss.

Now, take the lift and reach the first floor. Here, you can create a Vestige and rest for a while. Also, save your progress and proceed further. Next, you can reach the top and cleanse the beacon light. After that, you can descend down and defeat some enemies and claim loot rewards. With this, the task ends and you will be able to unlock a good ending as well.

Lords of the Fallen tower of penance beacon
Tower of penance location

To get the best and secret endings in Lords of the Fallen, it’s vital to cleanse all beacons. Beacons are located in all major locations including Forsaken Fen, The Empyrean and Upper Calrath. Before you clean beacon lights, ensure you have the best consumables and also take rest at Vestige Seedlings.

That’s everything you need to know about cleansing the Lords of the Fallen Tower of Penance Beacon. Learn some tricks to kickstart your journey in the game.


Which Realm is Dangerous in Lords of the Fallen?

Umbral Realm is very dangerous in Lords of the Fallen. Here, you will have to clear traps, obstacles and thorns. The enemies and bosses will be at higher levels and the locations are cursed. So, Umbral Realm is very dangerous when compared to the Axiom realm.

Can you Progress without completing Boss Fights in LotF?

In Lords of the Fallen campaign, there are many story missions and boss fights. Some of these boss battles are non-optional and you can only unfold new chapters after beating these challenges. Also by defeating bosses, you can get the best endings in the game.

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