How to beat Skinstealer in Lords of the Fallen


Smite and Poison enhancements are recommended, as Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer appears to be both an unholy abomination and made of flesh.

There are so many difficult enemies in Lords of the Fallen‘s world that Sunless Skein can make even the most experienced players feel hopeless. It’s a mine, which doesn’t immediately catch the eye, and it’s full of them. On top of that, you’ll be fighting Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer, a boss that won’t give up. If you’re confused about how to beat Skinstealer, don’t worry—we’ve put together a full guide on how to do it.

The Skinstealer
The Skinstealer

Preparing to Face Skinstealer

Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer isn’t easy to beat, but if you get ready, you can make the battle easier to handle. If you want to improve your tool, you might want to use Smite or Poison, as they work against this horrible monster. Because Skinstealer is soft, Bleed can also be a good choice.

The Umbral Flowerbed, which is right outside the moth gate, is a very important thing to use before the fight. It can take a while to get to the boss in Sunless Skein because the area is very complicated and full of enemies. Plant a Vestige Seed if you have one. If not, you might want to farm the cash to buy one from Molhu in Skyrest. It will be well worth the money because it will save you a lot of time and work. After planting your Seedling, take a break and get ready to go through the moth gate to find Skinstealer.

Strategies for Beating Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer

The battle with Skinstealer offers two distinct approaches, each suited to different playstyles.

Parry the Path to Victory

If you are confident in your parrying skills, equip a shield and get ready to stagger Skinstealer in a matter of seconds. While the timing can be challenging, nearly all of Skinstealer’s attacks can be parried, making this method highly effective. The key here is precise timing and a good understanding of Skinstealer’s attack patterns.

Evade and Dodge

For those who are not comfortable with parrying or prefer a more agile playstyle, dodging is the way to go. Make sure you’re not encumbered with heavy armor; opt for a Medium or Light loadout to maximize your dodging capabilities. This approach is all about timing and agility.

Initial Encounter

You have a short time to use your bow or crossbow to hit Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer from a distance when you enter his arena. He is not moving. This first shot will make Skinstealer more angry, so put away your long weapon and get ready for his charge attack. You could get hit straight by a double horizontal slash, or he could start a roll and then swipe downward. You can block these attacks, but if you’d rather dodge, move into the attack to use the frames that make your dodge rolls invincible. This move is important in games like Souls, and it can help you get ready for a response.

Use long range weapon against the boss
Use long range weapon against the boss

Dealing with Specific Attacks

Skinstealer’s attack patterns include attacks with one blade and attacks with two blades. If he gives off a yellow flash before swinging, prepare to block or dodge two consecutive hits. He often strings two of these attacks together, requiring precise timing to parry. If you’re not confident in your parrying abilities, dodge backward to escape his range.

Special Hitbox Techniques

During the battle, you may notice peculiar hitbox interactions. For instance, when Skinstealer performs a downward slash, move close to the armpit of the arm he’s swinging. This will often cause the attack to sail harmlessly over your head, a useful tactic to avoid damage.

Healing Tactics

It can be hard to heal during the fight, but it’s easier when Skinstealer is right next to you. His long recovery times and tendency to back off after a combo give people a chance to heal. He can quickly close the gap and stop your comeback if you move away. Because of this, staying close to the boss is usually the best thing to do.

Skinstealer doesn’t have a lot of basic moves, and there isn’t a second part to deal with. This battle is mostly about how fast you can respond. When Skinstealer is recovering, you should take advantage of any chances that come up, whether you choose to parry or dodge. To beat this tough enemy, you need to be precise and on time.

What to do next?

After beating Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer, you can leave his arena and take the lift up to Upper Calranth. However, you should be ready to face Skinstealer again, this time as a normal enemy. He shows up earlier than planned, this time in a town square that is empty. This makes things difficult because you have to fight multiple enemies at the same time.

The fight against Skinstealer 2 can be harder and more annoying than the boss fight itself because you have to deal with both Skinstealer and the mobs that are coming at you. In this case, you might want to break the lock-on and take a more active stance because you’ll have to fight off a lot of enemies.

This boss is really difficult to beat
This boss is really difficult to beat


Should I parry or dodge when facing Skinstealer?

The choice between parrying and dodging depends on your playstyle. If you are confident with a shield and parrying, you can stagger Skinstealer quickly. If not, dodging is a viable option. Both strategies have their merits.

What are the key moments during the Skinstealer fight that I should be aware of?

You should take advantage of opportunities like landing ranged shots when Skinstealer is passive and dodging through his attacks for counterattacks. Pay attention to Skinstealer’s yellow flash, which indicates a two-hit combo.

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