List of Great Xbox Game Pass Leaving Games in April 2024


Xbox Game Pass leaving titles are titles that will no longer be part of the Xbox Subscription Games.

There are a bunch of Xbox Game Pass leaving titles in the month of April 2024. To be specific there are 3 titles that are considered the Xbox Game Pass leaving games. Even though Xbox Game Pass list has a huge number of titles under their belt, these are the Xbox Game Pass April 2024 games that are leaving Game Pass.  A brief review of Xbox Game Pass expiring games is below. Do check these titles out before their games removal.

Check out the Xbox Game Pass leaving titles list:

Xbox Game Pass leaving titles – Amnesia: Collection

A double collection of the Amnesia titles is going to leave the Xbox Game Pass soon. This collection includes the Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs games. Back when these games were released, these titles were considered the pinnacle of survival horror games that focused on exploration. These games are still worth playing today so make sure to check them out and definitely keep your lights on while playing them.

maxresdefault 165
Amnesia Collection Cover

Xbox Game Pass leaving titles – Amnesia: Rebirth

We finally got a third Amnesia game that takes the players to a whole new setting and a great entry for the newer generation of gaming. While it may not be as well reviewed as the 1st entry, this game is still a solid entry in the Amnesia franchise and is well worth player’s time. This game has a completely different story and can be considered a standalone experience.

capsule 616x353 22
Amnesia Rebirth Cover

Xbox Game Pass leaving titles – Back 4 Blood

Back in the day, Left 4 Dead was the pinnacle of Zombie shooting games with a great focus on survival and co-op mechanics. The plot was goofy and full of action taking inspiration from many classic Zombie movies. The spiritual successor Back 4 Blood follows its predecessor and makes it a must play for nostalgia factor and for anyone who loves mindlessly shooting Zombies.

Xbox Game Pass leaving titles
Back 4 Blood Cover

Xbox Game Pass leaving titles – Phantom Abyss

If you are into exploration games with other players, Phantom Abyss might be the one to look out for. Even though this game is developed by an Indie studio, the overwhelmingly positive reviews by the Steam community makes it a must play for fans who are into fast paced multiplayer gameplay. The game has wonderful cartoony graphics for an Indie title.

1706199094264 Phantom Abyss 1.0 Launch Trailer Thumb iqbvjj
Phantom Abyss Cover

Xbox Game Pass leaving titles – Research and Destroy

A turn based action game full of comical art style and action can favor a lot of gamers. Research and Destroy isnt shy to explore the comedy action factor and dials it up to 10 with its fun characters and addictive gameplay. The best part about this game is that players can experience this game with fellow partners or other gamers around the world.

capsule 616x353 1 4
Research and Destroy Cover

Xbox Game Pass leaving titles – Soma

Another survival horror game is leaving the Xbox Game Pass this month. Soma is a supernatural surviva horror game where players are deployed into an underwater research facility where a lot of horrors await. The gameplay focuses on exploration, puzzles and stealth. The creatures you encounter are merciless so make sure to take every step carefully in this title.

Minecraft Legends Official Launch Trailer Thumbnail 16 9 logo 9ae89b03991fe9e08a91 1
Minecraft Legends Cover

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Can I play these game if my Xbox Game Pass expiring?

No, these games need an active subscription to be played.

Will players be able to keep their achievements after the event ends?

Yes, all achievements will be unlocked by the players if the player purchases the game in the future after the event.

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