Launch Discount 20%! Lightyear Frontier Early Access Starts Now


Lightyear Frontier Early Access is making headlines with its discounted price on launch.

Lightyear Frontier Early Access is on the way and it’s ready to make some waves. This game has been in this early access form, and it has finally landed. Yes you heard that right,this game is available to play right now on the Xbox series X and Steam via early access as of now.

The best part about the announcement is the final version of this game is available to purchase at a 20% discount. This might seem like a steal deal for players who really like the demo version of the game. Due to the overwhelmingly positive community support, it seems like the developers gave a 20% discount on the launch bundle of the game.

Lightyear Frontier Early Access
Lightyear Frontier Xbox

Lightyear Frontier Early Access- Great News

It is still surprising that the developer opted to release a demo version of the game and on top of that give it a 20% discount when the game is launched. The surprise news of the Lightyear Frontier early access took gamers back because this might be too much good news for the gaming community.

Lightyear frontier early access has also been reviewed by many critics and it seems like that game is on a good track to be one of the surprises of the year. A couple of days ago the gaming community and the critics reviewed the game and it’s early access version and it seems very positive as of now.

The gameplay of Lightyear Frontier early access revolves around farming. It is a typical Farming Simulator but the best part about the game is you have robotic suits that you can control and travel that can help you with farming and building the world around you.

Another feature of the game is that you and up to two other friends can form a team and all of you can farm together. This game also involves deep customization when it comes to robots and resource management. This game is similar to the crafting and construction mechanics from the Fallout series.

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Lightyear Frontier Screenshot

Lightyear Frontier Early Access- Story and Full Release

Not much is known about the story, but it seems like it’s a generic tale of survival on a different planet where you should farm resources, build posts, and gain experience to further improve your craft on gaming mechanics.

It seems like a rinse and repeat formula similar to the Monster Hunter series. In Monster Hunter you hunt monsters, collect loot, upgrade your own build, and so on.

The scam seems similar where you have to collect resources, craft materials, farm lands and build outposts and other buildings for your survival. Since the Lightyear Frontier early access gained great reviews, I can positively suggest buying the full game especially when it’s on a 20% discount to experience this gem of a game.

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Lightyear Frontier Gameplay

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What is the release date of Lightyear Frontier Game Pass?

Lightyear Frontier Game Pass is available on the Game Pass on 14th March 2024.

What Genre is Lightyear Frontier?

This game comes under the open world exploration genre. They have elements of crafting and building too.

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