Killer Instinct Tier List – Best Characters (September 2023)



Looking for the best heroes in Killer Instinct? Check our Killer Instinct Tier List where we have ranked all the characters.

Killer Instinct is an iconic action game from Iron Galaxy. The fighting franchise has 3 series. Killer Instinct was released in 1994 and the latest franchise from the Killer Instinct series got its release in 2023. Killer Instinct is a complete action-oriented game with realistic battles and challenges that has attained cult status over the years. The multiplayer arcane fighting game has a world-class soundtrack, haunting background scores, brilliant visuals, and a riveting storyline. Killer Instinct also has horror gameplay elements as some characters transform into vampires. Killer Instinct has several intriguing multiplayer battles. Single-player, Competitive, Local Multiplayer, and Online Challenges are the other in-game modes.

You need to pick your heroes who are known as the combatants along with special attacks, weapons, and retro costumes. You can play with your friends in online mode or you can train and prepare for combat against AI combatants. The Cinematic Story Mode missions and challenges were highly praised. Killer Instinct is technically a brilliant game with amazing features and lovely visuals. Overall, the Killer Instinct fighting franchise offers everything that an action game lover can expect. The game has a variety of characters and here is our Killer Instinct Tier List to help you pick the best Combatants in the game. Our tier list will showcase the best heroes in the game.

Killer Instinct Tier List
Killer Instinct Characters

Killer Instinct Tier List

  • S Tier – The combatants included in this tier are the most formidable units in Killer Instinct. You can use these characters for all in-game modes in the game.
  • A Tier – The combatants in this tier list are the second best heroes in Killer Instinct. They have the best special skills.
  • B Tier – The combatants here are slightly weaker when compared to other tier lists. You can use these heroes for Single-player combat in Killer Instinct.
  • C Tier – These Combatants need to undergo massive changes. Upgrade these characters and then you can deploy them for the battles in Killer Instinct.
SRash, Aria, Maya, Mira, Shadow Jago Eyedol, Omen
AGlacius, Thunder, Hisako, Spinal, Aganos, Arbiter, Cinder, Kan-Ra
BTusk, Kilgore, Orchid, Riptor, Sabrewulf
CGeneral Raam, Kim Wu, Sadira

Killer Instinct Best Combatants

Here are the best heroes to use for Combat in Killer Instinct. These 10 heroes are our pick based on stats and skills in the game.


Rash is an integral part of the Battletoads gang. The elite character has excellent melee attacks and HP. Rash attacks faster with his  Battering Ram skill, this skill brings out ram horns on his head, and he will run forward and attack faster. The damage will be heavy whenever Rash unleashes Battering Ram ability. Rash also has numerous special skills and passive skills that will boost his attacking abilities. Rash deals massive damage from every range and is a versatile hero in Killer Instinct. Overall, Rash is a top-tier hero and you can utilize Rash with a powerful Shield to destroy your opponents.


Mira Fallegeros, the vampire was a member of the Night Guard troop and is also the twin sister of Maya. Mira is a stronger AoE player, and she’s many DMG skills. Trephine is one of her primary skills that will unleash a drill attack. This skill also allows Mira to attack faster for a short duration. Trephine makes Mira immune to high attacks. Embrace is her other skill, she grabs and bites your enemies. Mira will also be able to restore a portion of recoverable damage till this skill is active.


The dangerous Eyedol is the first antagonist in the Killer Instinct series. Earlier Eyedol was a human and then he transformed into an evil monster. Eyedol has special skills that will allow him to switch heads and perform various attacks. Use the best weapons and utilize his passive skills to unleash the full potential of Eyedol in combat. Overall, Eyedol is another successful hero you can use for any battle.

Killer Instinct Tier List
Killer Instinct Heroes


The Amazonian Queen from the Night Guard clan is a vicious monster with incredible skills and abilities. Her mystical powers and magical projectiles make her a skillful hero in Killer Instinct. Leap Kick and Tumble Kick are her ultimate skills. Maya’s best weapon is her sword and she can slash the enemies into pieces with the best weapons. Upgrade Maya’s skills and weapons to make her an inevitable force. Maya is yet another powerful character to use for every battle in Killer Instinct.


Aria is an artificial intelligence robot and one of the primary antagonists in the game. Aria is a versatile tank and can fit into any team combination. Aria’s majesty has been proven multiple times and she’s come back to the arena with more powers. Aria is rejuvenated and waiting to take on her enemies who have ruined her life. Utilize Aria with her magical skills and abilities to get the best results. Aria has high HP and Defensive stats, and deploys her special skills to gain advantage and deal explosive damage in the battles.


The ever iconic character from the Killer Instinct series, Glacius is a phoenix with extraordinary talent and superpowers. Hail and Multi Hail are his major skills during combat. These skills enhance Glacius’ powers by 120%. Glacius can debuff his allies whenever the passive skills are activate. Overall with High HP and ATK stats, Glacius is one of the best heroes to use in Killer Instinct.


The Black Eagle is a human and an active member of the Night Guard and the Alliance. Eagle is also the younger brother of  Thunder. Eagle is a valiant warrior and he thrives with his three ultimate skills. He has high damage stats, and his ultimate skills provide a huge boost to his attacks and damage for 30 seconds. Eagle is an excellent AoE and Ranged player. A powerful hero from the Night Guard troop who can be your best pick for the battles of Killer Instinct.


Chief Thunder or commonly called Himatoom is one of the best protagonists in the Killer Instinct series. Thunder and Eagle struggled hard in their early days, and both of them have evolved by learning skills from their predecessors. Thunder’s attacks are like Thunder, as he can bring all his powers and deal explosive damage. Thunder can kill 3 enemies using his special skills at a time. Triplax and Call of the Earth are Thunder’s primary skills to attack faster. Thunder is another powerful character and you can include it in any team composition in Killer Instinct.


Hisako or otherwise known as Chiharu is an excellent DPS unit. She can attack from any range as Hisako is one of the powerful ranged heroes in Killer Instinct. Hisako is an Audacious warrior who does not fear opponents. Hisako loves to attack from short range. Her Vengeance skills are her trump card during the battles. Hisako is also a versatile star and can team up with other heroes from all the tiers. The only weakness of Hisako is her poor HP and weaker DMG stats, apart from that Hisako is a top-tier character in the Killer Instinct series.


Spinal is an ancient warrior who resembles a Skelton. He is one of the favorite characters among the Killer Instinct fans as he has the best mobility in the game as he can attack faster while moving. He has a couple of melee and spin combos. Spinal loves to attack with his sword and can run forward and attack while sliding which boosts his attacking speed by 10%. Spinal is also the best short-ranged character and unleashes skull projectiles to create huge damage bursts.

With this, our guide on the Killer Instinct Tier list and best characters are done. Use these heroes for every battle in Killer Instinct to get the best results.

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