Kendra Lust has massive praise for MMA pair of Helen Yee and The Schmo 



Kendra Lust is a huge MMA fan and recently spoke out in support of Helen Yee and The Schmo 

Helen Yee and The Schmo have been able to make a name for themselves in the world of MMA.

The pair now take interviews of some of the biggest names in the sport and even ran a podcast. Their content is always engaging and The Schmo’s character is also something to take note of. 

The Schmo and Helen Yee
The Schmo and Helen Yee (Credit Helen Yee Twitter)

Yee, for her part, isn’t just into MMA. She is a trained swimmer and even tried out for the US Olympics team. The pair are also a couple in real life and seem to go everywhere together. 

The Schmo and Yee were also part of the recently concluded UFC 290 event. They were taking interviews and posting a lot of content on social media.

One such post caught the attention of adult star Kendra Lust. Yee posted a picture of herself with The Schmo and she thanked the fans for all the support they had given the pair.

Yee also claimed that she met a few old faces and that nothing was handed to the pair.

Lust was quick to react to the picture and claimed that the pair were the best. Yee, too, thanked Lust for the compliment. 

Is The Schmo dating Helen Yee?

The Schmo and Helen Yee are dating and have posted a lot of pictures together about being together.

A lot of people were speculating about the relationship between the pair, but that’s a thing of the past now.

The Schmo and Lee seem to have also taken advantage of being in a relationship. The pair were part of an erection pill add, called Blue Chew, which was hilarious to see.

Yee also has been part of some comments on social media of not doing a good job and being boring.

However, there was a lot of support for the interviewer with a lot of fans saying she was doing a great job. 

Yee has made a name for herself and she is a true MMA fan. She doesn’t resort to cringe gimmicks, and deserves a lot of praise for achieving so much through hard work. 

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