Jelena Djokovic: Novak Djokovic wife, net worth, marriage, kids and more

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Jelena Djokovic is the wife of tennis great Novak Djokovic and is always seen beside him

Jelena Djokovic is often spotted at the courtside cheering for her husband, Novak Djokovic. The duo have been together since childhood and he owes his success to his wife on the court.

Novak has always been close with his coaching team and has maintained a high level of fitness throughout his career. Jelena has also revealed that her husband is an utmost professional and analyses all the opponents at home with a detailed result.

The Serbian is aiming to win a Golden Slam after winning the Australian Open and French Open this year. He is the first man to win every Grand Slam at least twice and now is aiming to rewrite the record books by the end of his career.

Novak and Jelena Djokovic are also both ‘vegans’ having started a diet late in his career, which has helped boost his performance.

Jelena Djokovic family

Jelena was born to Miomir Ristic and Vera Ristić. The family has two daughters with Jelena and Marija. She studied in Belgrade, Serbia and met her husband Novak there.

Jelena Djokovic career

She has finished her studies at the International University of Monaco and Bocconi University. Jelena earned a Business Administration degree in Milan and a Masters in Luxury Management and Services from the International University of Monaco.

After finishing her education, she joined the Oilinvest Group as a human resource coordinator. She eventually founded her own company – Jelena Ristic Consulting. She is presently the director of the firm.

Jelena Djokovic
Novak Djokovic and wife Jelena

Jelena Djokovic was also involved with some modelling work but left due to her family and personal reasons. She is the founder of the magazine – Original and writes a column for the celebrity magazine.

Jelena Djokovic net worth

Jelena Ristic is a Serbian PhD candidate and works for her husband’s foundation. The pair launched the Novak Djokovic Foundation in 2007. She has a net worth of $2 million dollars, however, that could be a lot more thanks to her husband’s feats on the courts.

Jelena and Novak Djokovic marriage

The couple’s wedding took place at the Aman Sveti Stefan resort in Montenegro on 10th July 2014. This came after his proposal a year earlier at the Couvent des Minimes hotel in Provence.

Jelena and Novak Djokovic kids

The couple announced on April 24, 2014, that they were expecting the birth of their first child, Stefan. Jelena was expecting again in 2017 and, she gave birth to Tara Djokovic in September of that year.

The pair’s children have often been seen at tennis events as Novak keeps racking up the titles.

FAQs about Jelena Djokovic

Is Novak Djokovic still married to Jelena?
Yes, the pair have been married since July 2014, after years of being together. They met during their childhood days and have stayed together since.
When was Jelena Djokovic born?
Jelena Djokovic was born on the 17th of June, 1986.
Where is Jelena Djokovic from?
Jelena Djokovic is from Serbia and is a Serbian citizen.
Where was Jelena Djokovic born?
Jelena Djokovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia.
How many children does Jelena Djokovic have?
Jelena and Novak Djokovic have two children – Stefan and Tara.
How much older is Jelena than Novak?
Jelena Djokovic is one year older than Novak.
What is Jelena Djokovic’s net worth?
Jelena Djokovic has a net worth of around $2 million during her career.
How old is Jelena Djokovic?
Jelena Djokovic is 36 years old.

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