Is Usher gay? Here is all you need to know about his sexuality


Is Usher gay? – All you should know about Usher’s sexuality is whether there is any truth to the rumors.

Usher has been in trouble as there have been claims made by Keke Palmer’s mother regarding his sexuality. Keke Palmer’s mother made claims about Usher’s sexuality and stated that she revealed news about his sexuality, and she stated that she made the rumors up to protect her daughter.

A phone call surfaced online wherein Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer, could be seen hurling abuses at Darius Johnson, the ex-boyfriend of Keke Palmer, for abusing her daughter.

She went on to say that Usher is gay. Let us take a deep dive into all about Usher’s sexuality and address the rumor of him being gay.

Is Usher gay?
Is Usher gay? (Variety)

Is Usher gay?

Usher has gotten used to hearing rumors about his sexuality, but Keke Palmer’s mother addressed them and stated that she made up the rumors to protect her daughter from her abusive boyfriend.

There are many celebrities who fall under the category of being gay, and Usher is one of them. However, there have been rumors of Usher being gay since 2017, and they haven’t stopped yet.

The rumors heightened when a man and two women filed a lawsuit against him for exposing them to herpes during a sexual encounter. Jenny McCarthy also questioned Usher’s sexuality.

Usher’s ex-wife also took a dig at his sexuality on Twitter, stating that men who are gay and portray themselves as straight should be identifiable by bright wristbands.

Usher has been involved with men in his pasta, and he has not commented on his sexuality yet. However, there is no evidence that Usher is gay.


Usher has been in the spotlight for his sexuality, but there is no evidence that supports the rumors of Usher being gay, and the rumors have backfired because of the rumors spread by Keke Palmer’s mother.

However, Usher never explicitly mentioned details about his sexuality. Keke Palmer’s mother stated that she wanted to create those rumors to protect her daughter from Darius Johnson’s abuse.

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