Is Sydney Sweeney in the new Madame Web movie? Here is all we know about her

Madame Web

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Is Sydney Sweeney in the new Madame Web movie – all you should know

In the much-anticipated Madame Web movie, Dakota Johnson takes the lead as Cassandra Webb, also known as Madame Web, expands the Spiderverse and gives fans a fresh perspective on the Spider-Man universe. The recently unveiled trailer offers the first glimpse into this Spider-Man spin-off, showcasing a team-up of four women led by Johnson’s Madame Web, a Manhattan paramedic endowed with clairvoyant abilities, allowing her to peer into the future and the intricate world of spiders.

Is Sydney Sweeney in the new Madame Web movie?

Among the ensemble cast, Netflix heartthrob Sydney Sweeney steps into the role of Julia Carpenter, also known as Spider-Woman. In this four-women team-up, Sweeney’s character, Julia Carpenter, plays a pivotal role, adding depth to the unfolding storyline. In the comics, Carpenter’s character embarks on a journey to comprehend her past and navigate the perilous present, providing a compelling narrative for superhero enthusiasts.

Madame Web
Madame Web (YouTube)

Sydney Sweeney, known for her standout performance in Euphoria, brings her acting prowess to the Madame Web movie, joining a lineup that includes Isabela Merced, v, Adam Scott, Celeste O’Connor, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, and Zosia Mamet. While specific details about each character remain under wraps, speculation suggests that Adam Scott may be portraying Ben Parker, later becoming the uncle of Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man), whose tragic fate catalyzes Peter’s superhero journey.

Directed by S. J. Clarkson, known for her work on Marvel projects such as Jessica Jones and The Defenders, the Madame Web movie promises to deliver a cinematic experience enriched with superhero lore and captivating performances.

Sony Pictures, buoyed by the success of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, continues to expand its Spiderverse with intriguing spin-offs like Tom Hardy’s Venom (2018), Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021), and Jared Leto’s Morbius (2022). The superhero fandom eagerly anticipates Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s portrayal in Kraven the Hunter, adding to the excitement surrounding the Spider-Man universe.


As the Madame Web movie is scheduled for release on February 16, 2024, questions linger about potential crossovers with characters like Tom Hardy’s Venom or the MCU’s Peter Parker. However, Sydney Sweeney does feature in the Madam Web movie. The interconnected web of characters and narratives within the Spider-Man universe unfolds, promising an exciting and immersive experience for fans eagerly awaiting this latest addition to the Spiderverse.

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