Hubert Hurkacz parents: All about the Pole’s family


Hubert Hurkacz parents: All you should know about Hubert Hurkacz’s parents and learn all about the Pole’s family.

Hubert Hurkacz is a professional tennis player who was born on February 11, 1997, in Wroclaw, Poland.

Hubert Hurkacz has been ranked number 9 in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), which he achieved in November 2021. He is one of the highest-ranked players in Polish history.

He won seven ATP Tour singles titles and two Masters 1000 titles at the 2021 Miami Open.

Since then, he has been pretty consistent in his performances, despite some minor blips. Almost three years later, Hurkacz still is ranked inside the top 10, at number 9.

Here is everything you should know about Hubert Hurkacz’s family and learn all about his family history.

Hubert Hurkacz parents
Hubert Hurkacz celebrates a win (via Tennis History)

Hubert Hurkacz parents: All about the Pole’s family

Hubert Hurkacz is emerging as one of the most talented Polish players, but the secret behind the star’s success is his parents, too.

His ATP accomplishments include the Winston-Salem Open in 2019, the Delray Beach Open, the Miami Open, the Metz Open in 2021, the Halle Open in 2022, and the Marseille Open in 2022.

Hubert Gurkacz’s parents are Krzystof Hurcacz and Zofia Maliszewska-Hurkacz. His family history includes being the first child of his parents, and he has a 16-year-old sister who is a tennis player as well.

Hubert Hurkacz’s father is a computer specialist who has been instrumental in helping his son build his career.

He has also coached his son to become a tennis player. Hurkcaz’s mother is a nurse, and she has always been there for her son.

Both parents have been quite supportive of their son’s professional career, and they showed up at many events to get him.

They come from a Polish background. Hubert Hurkacz’s family has always been involved in sports.

His maternal grandfather was a volleyball player. His uncle is also a professional tennis player.

Conclusion – Hubert Hurkacz parents

Hubert Hurkacz parents: Hubert Hurkacz’s parents are still together, and they have been happily married. Hubert Hurkacz’s parents have been spotted attending to their sons on numerous occasions. Hubert Hurcaz has a very promising career, and he is quite active on social media. He is followed by 93.3k followers, and on Instagram, he has 231,000 followers.

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