How to Use the Rusted Key in Diablo 4?



If you are struggling to find the Diablo 4 Rusted Key, find its location and uses in our guide.

Diablo 4 is a dungeon RPG that you can play together with your friends. Here, you explore dangerous nightmare dungeons and battle against devils. You can play as a team and this lets you complete all dungeons and boss battles easily. There are several features including 5 classes and 5 maps. There are tons of mysterious dungeons as well. Play as a group and defeat all devils and demons to collect resources and equipment.

In Diablo 4, there are several mysterious items. You can find many rare items in all dungeons. Rusted Key is a mysterious item that spawns in the Belfry Zakara Dungeon. If you think the Rusted Key is bugged or doesn’t have any uses, then you are wrong. The key is used for a couple of activities. Though many are not aware of its uses, the hunt for the key is higher among players.

Rusted Key is located in Hawezar world and you can’t find it anywhere else. This key is used to open the final dungeon door. Finding the Rusted Key will be a challenging task. Rusted Key serves as a path to several boss fights. Rusted Key, the area item is completely bound to Belfry Zakara Dungeon. Here’s all about the Diablo 4 Rusted Key and its uses in the game.

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Diablo 4 Rusted Key Locations and Uses

Diablo 4 Rusted Key
Rusted Key

Travel to Rotspill Delta, from south of Hawezar. You will reach the Belfry Zakara Dungeon and here you have to tussle against some bosses and also break the Drowned Bells. Your next stop is Salt Scarred Marbles and kill mobs that spawn your way. Complete all nightmare dungeons here and you will be up against the final boss, Anchorbound  Chaplain. The boss drops the Rusted Key item. If the quest is bugged, you can restart the dungeon again until the boss drops the Rusted Key item.

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The quest is not done yet. With the rusted key, you can open the final door that’s locked and enter the final dungeon room where you have to battle against Drowned Seahag boss. Make sure to refill ammo, health, and acquire other equipment like gear and armor sets as well.

Use your best weapons, skills, and aspects to defeat the Seahag boss. Once you beat Seahag, you can claim some resources as drops. The rusted key will automatically disappear from your inventory at times. Also, remember that the rusted key quest is often bugged at times. Thus, it’s best recommended that you restart the Belfry Zakara Dungeon once again to complete the final boss fight.

That’s how you can unlock and use the Rusted Key in the game. Rusted Key is a rare and mysterious resource item in Diablo 4. Rusted Key is not available for sale and you can’t sell it to merchants just like other usual quest items of Diablo 4. Find the key and complete the boss fight in the dungeon. You will earn more exp for completing these types of boss fights regularly and level in every chapter and acts.

That’s everything you need to know about the rusted key locations and uses in Diablo 4. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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