How to use Flying Vine in Wild Hearts


Wondering what are the various uses of Flying Vine in Karakuri in Wild Hearts? Here is what this Karakuri is capable of doing.

Wild Hearts has a unique system of advanced equipment called Karakuri. These items are in the game for the player to give a new approach to the game’s quests. Wild Hearts has three main areas where Karakuri is necessary to the overall gameplay, Combat, camp-building, and traversal. One of the essential things in Wild Hearts’ is that it tests players’ ability to use Karakuri from one group in unexpected ways.

Wild Hearts

The Flying Vine Karakuri is a dragon-type Karakuri that is primarily for the use of a quick zip-lining across regions to reach the target Kemono. But as players begin to upgrade the flying Vine there are more features available that will eventually transform the simple traversal tool into a multiple-purpose useful weapon. Flying Vine is a useful weapon if used properly and know how to use it. We suggest that you try to set as many Flying Vines as possible while hunting since they can be of multi-purpose use.

Now let’s have a look at its various use in Wild Hearts that you can also practice when you are out in the wild hunting.

How to use Flying Vine in Wild Hearts?

How to use Flying Vine in WIld Hearts guide

This object looks very similar to a catapult that will launch a Vine that connects one place to another. The most important use Of this weapon is that It lets you reach different places and you can even fire it across chasms and gorges, just up or down to different areas to get around. They generally stick around even when you travel back to town in wild hearts so we suggest that you can make many of these.

Traveling tool

Traversing using Flying Vine
Traversing using Flying Vine

You can travel up and down on them too so you are not stuck sliding down toward any area if you decide that’s not where you want to go. Once you’re done building a Flying Vine in the radical at the surface you want to attach it with. Press the weapon sheet and jump buttons to attach yourself to it and the movement input you are using to go faster or slower or go back and forth.

Combat Use

Combat use of Karakuri
Combat use of Karakuri

You can also use this in combat mode. With the Impaler upgrade this tool in wild hearts can also help you give damage to your target. Try building the Flying Vine in combat or set it up and kite the enemy to it. You can blast the Kemono with the Vine to give damage to your target while moving around defending their damage.

Distraction for Enemy

Distraction tool
Distraction tool

Multiplayer groups can also set this up at once and target a large Kemono from various directions, to distract and restrict the enemy’s movements while you set a massive attack for the enemy.

This Karakuri can be used primarily as a traverse means but it also has other purposes as mentioned above. The more you build these the more helpful they prove to be to farm resources and get past the enemies easily.

These are multipurpose usages of Flying Vine in Wild Hearts. We hope that you would know the various purposes of this Karakuri tool now and use it according to your need.

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