How to Unlock Jade Dragon Sword in Dead Island 2


Dead Island 2’s Jade Dragon Sword is a very handy weapon. If you too are eyeing to get it, here is how to get it.

Dead Island 2 has a vast catalog of weapons to offer and one of the most useful is Jade Dragon Sword. Dead Island 2’s loadout offers players weapons for each of their game styles. You get to unlock these weapons as you progress through the game. Jade Dragon Sword is one of the best weapons in the Swords category, so if you too want to be a pro swordsman this is the go-to weapon. It may not be the best melee option in Dead Island 2 but it is a handy weapon that you can opt for if you want.

How to Unlock Jade Dragon Sword in Dead Island 2?

In order to get Jade Dragon in Dead Island 2 you have to find NPC Sarah Shepard and complete the Terror of Sound Stage 7 side quest at Monarch Studios. However, the quest is not so easily noticeable so don’t be surprised if you miss it. You have to listen to one of the radios after you complete it came from Monarch Studios’ side quest and learn from it that Sara Shepard needs your help.

Jade Dragon Sword in Dead Island 2
Jade Dragon Sword in Dead Island 2

To complete the Terror of Sound stage 7 head to the Monarch Studios location and visit Sara Shepard in her van after interacting with NPC you will get to know that there is a dangerous zombie out there and you have to agree to help her.

Terror of Sound Stage 7 Quest

The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Quest in Dead Island 2 has many stages and here is how to complete it.

  • First, get out of Sarah’s van and head to the pavilion that is designed like Indiana Jones. You have to kill the enemies in this location.
  • Next, follow the compass pointer at the top of the screen and head to the city-style location.
  • You have to examine the courses and blood after the Terror of a sound attack. You have to find three such places in this location in total.
  • Go outside and try to bring the five zombies to the city location. Use the meat Bate to kill the Zombies and try to kill at least 2 to 3 Zombies from this meat Bait. You can chill the remaining zombies with another weapon.
  • Go to the SFX sound and activate the Meat Bait.
  • The terror of stage 7 Zombie will appear after a few seconds. You can kill it and return to Sara Shepard.

To complete the Terror of Sound stage 7 you have to speak with Sara. After completing it you will receive the Jade Dragon and you be able to try out the best sword in the game during the combat.

That’s everything to know about how to get Jade Sword in Dead Island 2.

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