How to Unlock All the Achievements in Lords of the Fallen?



Want to unlock achievements of Lords of the Fallen? Scroll down to find the objectives for achievements.

Lords of the Fallen is a stunning adventure game. This is a sequel to Lords of the Fallen (2014). The plot begins in Axiom and you will have to travel to Umbral, the parallel realm world. LotF offers 9 different classes and you can pick one after choosing your avatar. Weapons, spells and status effects are main combat features. With these, you can complete challenges and boss fights.

Like other RPGs, you can complete achievements and unlock trophies in Lords of the Fallen. Achievements have limited objectives and you can complete them from chapter one. Once you finish an achievement, you will unlock silver and bronze trophies. Here is how you can complete achievements in Lords of the Fallen and unlock new trophies.

All Lords of the Fallen Achievements!

Achievements in LotF include a PvP task, collecting resources, slaying enemies and more. Here’s how you can complete all major achievements in the game,

Lords of the Fallen Achievements
  • Wayfarer – Explore every area in the game to unlock this top-rated achievement 
  • Weapon Collector – Unlock all weapons and unlock this trophy. 
  • Ammunition Collector – Unlock all types of Ammo, then this trophy will be added to your inventory 
  • Umbral Adept – Collect all Umbra type spells in the game and get this achievement 
  • Carving Out Victory – To get this, you have to upgrade the Umbral Lamp quest item fully
  • Comrades – Beacon a co-op partner and collect this trophy
  • Lord of the Fallen – Unlock all Trophies in the game to acquire this achievement
  • Lost and Found – You have to retrieve vigor lost upon death
  • Gesture Collector – Collect every gesture to unlock this achievement 
  • A Veil Lifted – You have to die in Axiom realm at least once in the game to get your hands on this trophy 
  • Rune Master –  Fully socket a 3-rune weapon or shield to collect this trophy 
  • A Trace of Venom – Kukajin will complete her entire business in Mournstead. Meet her and get this secret achievement medal
  • Seasoned – Reach level 100 in the game to acquire this 
  • Back to the Void – You have to reach the Umbral Ending to unlock this secret achievement trophy 
  • Lord of the Risen – Reach the Adyr ending 
  • The Last Step – Iron Wayfarer’s journey finally ends 
  • Without Purpose – This will be unlocked whenByron finds a new purpose 
  • Throwable Collector –  Collect all throwable quest items to complete this achievement 
  • Judgement –  To get this secret trophy, you have to beat Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel 
  • Antanas’ Legacy – The value of Andreas of Ebb’s friendship is made 
  • Inferno Adept –  Unlock all Inferno spells to get this trophy 
  • Moving On – Byron find a new purpose 
  • Radiant Offerings – Donate more than 10 Severed Hands 
  • Thriving in Darkness – Unlock vestige seeds and use them
  • Hunt’s End – Beat the Lightreaper boss and collect the medal 
  • Twin Faces of Sin – To get this secret achievement, you have to beat Reinhold the Immured
  • None Shall be Spared – To collect this secret trophy, you have to defeat every boss in the game
  • No Mercy – Beat any enemy in PvP 
  • Fallen – Beat the enemy Adyr, the Bereft Exile 
  • Trinket Collector – This will be unlocked once you get all pendants and rings
  • Salvation in Blood – You have to upgrade the Sanguinarix fully to collect this trophy 
  • Travels Resumed – Liberate Sparky from the cage to complete this
  • Wings of Grief – Defeat the Hollow crow enemy 
  • A Shadow Dispelled – Best the Scarlet Shadow enemy 
  • Ironclad –  Obtain all armor set pieces and gear item to complete this achievement challenge
  • Honed to Perfection – Upgrade your weapons fully 
  • Shared Triumph – Beat a boss together with a co-op friend 
  • Burying the Past –  You can collect this trophy after beating the Hushed Saint boss 
  • Rise and Fall – Kill the boss Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal in first stage to get this secret trophy 
  • Unwanted – Slay the elite enemy Spurned Progeny tor this achievement 
  • Rune Novice – Once you place a rune in a socket for the first time, this achievement will be unlocked automatically 

These are the major achievements and trophies to unlock in Lords of the Fallen. 


Is Lords of the Fallen Available for Mobile?

No, Lords of the Fallen 2023 is only exclusively to PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X/S. Lords of the Fallen Prequel (2014) version was launched for both mobile and PC, but this time the makers have not decided to launch it for mobile.

Is Lords of the Fallen 2023 Different from the Previous Version?

Lords of the Fallen 2023 is a sequel and it begins 1000 years later from its predecessor. The challenges will be tricky and new melee weapons have been unveiled. LotF 2023 will be a dark fantasy game that supports two players in co-op mode. This RPG has fantastic visuals and intriguing stories. Play as an adventurer and begin your journey to slay demons in the realms.

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