How to solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy



Follow our tips and tricks to complete the bridge puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. You will get some cool rewards for completing this challenge.

There are hundreds of puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. Finding and cracking these will reward you with spells and items. Bridge Puzzle is one of the most complicated challenges in Hogwarts Legacy and there are a couple of bridge puzzles that you need to solve to progress in the main story. You need to explore various locations to solve every bridge puzzle you come across. The bridge puzzle is all about finding and solving the numbers and symbols by matching them in corresponding orders. The objectives for the bridge puzzle may seem easy, but you need to complete various tasks. As of now, the viaduct bridge puzzle is live and you can complete it to earn legendary gear.

You need to visit the viaduct courtyard and then find the brazier which contains 4 symbols and roman numerals and match them to light up the remaining torch on the bride. To those who are struggling to complete and solve the bridge puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, here’s our easy guide and pathway to complete the bridge puzzle in the game with simple tips and tricks.

Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

The bridge fire puzzle seems to be a tricky challenge and you can complete it by doing the required objectives. The puzzle can be solved in the viaduct courtyard zone.


You need to visit the viaduct courtyard zone that’s located near the library annex and greater hall section. Find floo flames and proceed to find the brazier on the ground. Find the hints from the bronze plate on braziers. You need to light up the remaining torches on the bridge. You need to find hints for solving the puzzle from each brazier on a manhole on the ground near the library annex zone. Each symbol has a roman numeral and can be found on the bronze plate. Here are the brazier hints,

The First brazier will be a triangle, the second will be a crescent moon symbol, the third is a triangle and circle, and the final brazier is a diamond. You simply need to interact with all braziers and crack the puzzle with the right numbers and symbols that you find on the bronze plate. Use spells like Accio or Accendio to light up after finding solutions.

Brazier hogwarts legacy bridge puzzle

Once the brazier is lit up, you can descend the ladder and get some rewards from the chest which also include legendary gear. You will also get other loot items from the same chest. Once done, you can leave the spot and unlock new challenges.

That’s everything you need to know about the Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle. Follow these steps and tricks to solve the fire bridge puzzle in the game. We will come back with more Hogwarts Legacy updates and guides soon.

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