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Are you also looking for a guide Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout Event? Here we are to help you with this event and get all the different endings.

The first part of Noelle’s Hangout Event was released with the 1.4 updates, and the 1.5 update was the second act. There are a total of six endings to Noelle’s Hangout events and to get it all you have to complete all the endings. You will be requiring two story keys to all the endings and are free to revisit. You can drop it at any checkpoint you have already unlocked in order to try it in a different way.

During the Noelle event in Genshin Impact, Noelle had a heartbeat meter. This means if you choose dialogues that she doesn’t like you will lose a heart. So to help you choose the right choices and get all the endings we have provided you with the right solution to each ending in each of the acts. Keep reading to find out.

Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout Event – All Endings

Act 1

Chivalric Training

Goodbye, Miss Maid!

In the first dialog, it doesn’t matter what you say to Noelle when she asks you for guidance on her Chivalric Training say ” “it’s okay not to be a knight”. It doesn’t affect what you say after this.

A Cold Reception

In this ending Noelle is quite disappointed and you get the A Cold Reception ends. This ending also comes from telling Noelle” it’s okay not to be a knight” but instead of choosing hospitality as a response choose Made especially for you to cheer up Noelle.

Here are the following dialogues you can choose from.

A Maid Above Ground

noelle hangout event

Noelle would ask you for guidance for Chivalric training you can help her out by saying of course, where do you want to start. If she tells you she feels like something is missing, tell her “she lacks strength”. Then you will have to give a strength test where Noelle destroys all the training dummies within a certain time frame. After this, she will ask you what she needs and you say that “she needs more strength”. After that, you have to clear rocks and defeat Lawachurl to unlock this ending. The dialogues to choose in this ending are as follows:

A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength

In this ending, Noelle shows her heroism as a defender of the weak. Instead of telling her she lacks strength ask her if “is it because you lack real-world fighting experience”. Then you will be defeating some enemies and fail, this time you tell her that” it’s important that you fight together”. After that you find a man, named Henning, asking for help. If you help him you earn A Defender’s will is their strength ending.

A Conundrum Called Love

noelle hangout event

Tell Noelle, “Of course, where do you want to start,” when she inquires about chivalric training. Inform her that she needs more sleep this time. You go out for tea together regardless of the other possibilities you choose. You come up with a plan to give Bea a gift and decide that “it’s the thought that counts,” which results in you giving her grilled fish. U

Whisper of the Paper Rose

noelle hangout event

This is th4 last ending of Act 1 in Noelle’s event in Genshin Impact. In this one after you agree to help Noelle in her training and tell her she needs rest, she will ask you about the gift, and tell her”we should choose carefully”. After taking three photos at different points on the map, Beatrice will ask you about these locations on the map.

Act 2 – Knightly Exam Prep

Rest Amidst the Rocks

noelle hangout event

The Maid-Knight’s Tale

noelle hangout event

Points Deducted

Work Made for a Maid

noelle hangout event

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