Get your Rescue Team to fight Army of vampires in Redfall by using the multiplayer mode in the game.

The Vampire-slaying FPS game Redfall has lately been the most talked game in the gaming world. If you are seeking a way to team up with your partner to embark on a vampire-killing spree journey in Redfall, here is the way you can do so.

Redfall’s storyline is based on a town invaded by the evil forces of vampires. These vampires have conquered the peaceful lives of the people of Massachusetts. The city needs a way to restore its lives and you ought to step up to save the town from the grips of the vampire who have destructed the city.


If you are looking for a squad group to start this survival journey, Redafall has a way to pair you up with the other heroes.

How to Play Multiplayer on Redfall with friends?

Redfall does not have the feature to support random matchmaking with other players on the same server as you. So if you are seeking to team up you will have to follow these steps as we take you along.

It’s time to suit up with the band of heroes who you trust and who want to save the city like you.

Let’s see how you can find your friends and pair up with them in Redfall to fight the vampires of the game.

  • If you want to pair with your friends or any other fellow gamer, you first have to add them as your friend on your friendliest in the respective platform you are playing on. Share your Bethesda Account with each other to do so.
  • You also have to decide which of you is going to be the host after the game that you will play. This is an important step as this stores all the story preparation that you will make in the game.
Multiplayer on Redfall
Multiplayer on Redfall

After you decide who the host of the game will be getting into the core of mode is fairly straightforward. All players have to open the main menu and the host needs to select the host game which will take them into a multiplayer lobby.

The host list will automatically pop up when they enter the lobby but if you don’t find the option to bring up the friends list. From this drop-down select those friends who you want to play with and then select invite player to make them join the lobby.

All those who are invited will be able to see this invite by heading to the friends list on the main menu the friends list should not have a game invite section with the name of the host under it. Select the hostname and accept the invite. Once all the invited members are in the lobby press the ready button. This will begin your vampire-slaying journey in the Fallen town of Redfall.

A total of 3 players other than the host can join the multiplayer lobby in red fall. Including the host, the total number stands to be four players in the multiplayer mode. It is also important to note that there is no limit to the number of each Hero that can be a part of the squad. Show there are chances that you might end up in a 4 person squad of Laylas.

If you are worried about your own progression in the game don’t worry your preparation of the game will not be affected by joining a friend’s game in the multiplayer mode in red fall. However, you cannot progress through your own story unless you are the host in the multiplayer mode. You can still retain all hero levels, grey blocks skills weapons Ammo, and gear that you might come across in multiplayer.

All your solo progression will still be accessible to you in the multiplayer mode. This means that you will still have access to all the weapons you have in your solo game or another multiplayer lobby.

Benefits of Multiplayer in Redfall

Benefits of multiplayer mode in redfall
Benefits of multiplayer mode in Redfall

As we know that you embark on a vampire-killing journey in Redfall it is better to have a squad with you than going solo. Different heroes good build your trust with the other teammates. Different heroes’ abilities can complement each other to put up against the vampire. For instance, if you have Layla you can use that with your friends to make them able to fly in the air this will give your team to get a better overview of the Enemies that lie ahead of you. It is highly advisable that you play the scheme with your friends or other game partners so that you have better leverage to fight against the Enemies and restore the piece in the town of Redfall to win the game.

That’s how you team up in Multiplayer mode in Redfall to fight against the Vampires. It’s time to gather your Vampire-slaying squad in RedFall to dust off the Vampires in Redfall.

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