If you do not know how to perform 360 spin Fortnite wolf or boar then do not worry, our guide will help you out with all the details.

One of the missions players are tasked with doing during week seven of Fortnite Chapter Three requires them to dismount and perform a 360-degree spin before landing back on the ground after taming one of the wildlife out on the island. 

There are both wolves and boars roaming pretty much everywhere around the map, but wolves are easier to find due to their howls. Players have been granted the ability to ride either wolf or boar since Chapter Three, season three. So how to perform 360 spin Fortnite wolf or boar? Our guide tells you exactly how you can do it so read everything carefully. 

Riding a boar in Fortnite
Riding a boar in Fortnite

How to find and tame the wildlife

First, you should know how to find and tame wildlife. In settings, you can enable visualized sound effects, which will cause your display to show you what is making nearby sound effects, as well as the direction in which they are coming from. If you do that, you will be able to hear and follow the howls easier. In general, heavily developed monuments like Tilted Towers, Coney Crossroads, and others are less likely to have animals than the true wilderness.

It is relatively easy to tame wildlife; you just have to get on one and start riding. Wolves tend to come right at you, while boars will typically run away. Then, use your wildlife to charge forward to the edge and hit Dismount right before you reach it. At the top of that cliff or steep hill, look for a cliff or steep hill that you can survive falling off of. 

How to perform 360 spin Fortnite wolf or boar?

If you are riding the animal, jump off the cliff and dismount while in midair, then rotate the character quickly around with your mouse or right analog stick. Turning around quickly can be trickier if your controls are not sensitive enough. Try increasing your mouse and keyboard sensitivity.

If you find animals and use nearby cliffs, you can make quick progress, as well as use the mushroom forest in Greasy Grove. The cliff does not have to be exceptionally high in order to allow for a successful spin. So now you know how to perform 360 spin Fortnite wolf or boar.

perform 360 spin Fortnite on boar
perform 360 spin Fortnite on boar


You will get 15,000 XP after you perform 360 spin Fortnite on wolf or boar.

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