How to Level Up Fast in Zenless Zone Zero?



Want to level up fast in Zenless Zone Zero? Then, follow these beginner’s tips and tricks to embark on a successful journey.

Zenless Zone Zero is an action adventure RPG from miHoYo. Coming from the developers of Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact, this game has everything to offer. The plot takes place in a future world known as the New Eridu. Here, you will live as dual identities and play as two opposing personas in two different worlds.

There is another world known as Hollows. Here, monsters called Ethereal are a major threat. These enemies invade other worlds and destroy their wealth and resources. But the New Eridu world has managed to avert a disaster. Hollows have grown bigger and their wealth has doubled under the city’s administration. You will also play as a Proxy.

Proxies are non-combat characters that help explorers in the Hollow world. As an adventurer, you have to work for various factions and join forces with other explorers to demolish the entire Hollow gang. You have to defeat Hollow Raiders, The Corrupted, Lawless Thugs, and other Hollows to overcome another disaster. Right from quests to boss fights, there are many challenges in the game. Progressing in Zenless Zone Zero is challenging. So, find some tips and tricks to level up fast in Zenless Zone Zero.

Level up fast in Zenless Zone Zero

Best Tricks to Level Up Fast in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is a fascinating RPG with top-notch content and colorful locations. Exploring the fantasy world and fighting against Ethereal will be a huge task. Here are some strategies for beginners in Zenless Zone Zero,

Pick the Strongest Units

To Level Up Fast in Zenless Zone Zero, you need to unlock the best agents in the game. Zenless Zone Zero has many agents. Agents are playable characters from different factions. Focus on unlocking the strongest agents with the best ATK, HP, Crit and Penetration rate. Going with the strongest agents will be effective and you can dominate challenges as a beginner.

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You will get access to a couple of agents after completing the tutorial. After that, you can play campaign stories and progress to unlock new characters. Also, you can pull four-star and five-star banners through in-game events.

Gear Items 

Use Gear items and enhance your base stats for agents. Zenless Zone Zero offers gear items with 6 slots. Each slot increases different stats like Crit DMG, Pen, ATK and Def. So, equip gear items and increase their levels. These items power up your characters gradually and will be your best equipment as well. After unlocking gear items, you have to level up each slot using resources. 

Food Items

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Recipes in Zenless Zone Zero

Consume food items and buff your characters for 3 commissions. The Ramen shop offers some delicious recipes like White Bowl Fried Rice BBQ Noodles, Pumpkin Soup. You can purchase these dishes for some currency and gain bonus buffs.

These recipes grant instant positive stats and it will be highly effective especially while traveling in Hollows. So, complete the tutorial and consume dishes from the Ramen shop to gain these bonus effects for commissions and side-quests in the game.

Story Mode

To Level Up Fast in Zenless Zone Zero, you need to complete the Story mode challenges. The story mode offers various jobs and completing these will unlock new missions and some exclusive rewards. You can use these resources and enhance your builds for each character.

There are some mini-games as well.  Be it the proxy gamer system or arcade games like block puzzles, agents can play these games and unlock basic rewards like currency and talent materials.

Combat Techniques

Learn the basic combat techniques. Every RPG offers different skills. Be it dodging, blocking or attacking, you have to master these combat skills before engaging in a combat. All characters get access to special skills and talents. So, you can utilize those abilities and enhance your base stats.

Complete Challenges 

Level Up Fast in Zenless Zone Zero, you need to complete Faction and Campaign quests. Zenless Zone Zero has 6 different factions. You will be able to join these factions after completing the tutorial. Join factions and complete new jobs. While doing this, you will start accumulating resources and skills for your agents

Best Team Comps

Recruit the best agents in your squad. While fighting against monsters and bosses of the Hollow world, you have to choose different agents. Each agent has a different playing style. Also, you have to pick the best team comps to overcome monsters. Your squad can include different types of units as each has their own playing style.

Be it fire, lightning or physical elemental agents, you have to pick agents based on opponents. Some bosses will be resistant to fire and some will be vulnerable against fire. So, simply don’t pick your agents that have higher stats, instead you have to pick them based on the enemy’s weaknesses.


Take part in events. The makers of Zenless Zone Zero will launch events frequently. While you take part in events, there will be lots of mini-games. You can win battles and unlock currency and materials. Also, you can unlock special five-star banners and characters through these events. So, take part in all events and complete activities.

That’s everything you need to know about the best beginners tips and tricks for Zenless Zone Zero. With the best strategy, the game becomes easier and you can progress faster as well.

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How to Destroy the Hollows of Zenless Zone Zero?

To wipe out Hollows, you have to join forces with other explorers in the world. Complete PvP challenges and unlock new skills for each character and enhance their talents. The Hollows will invade the New Eridu metropolis frequently. So, you have to recruit the strongest explorers to your squad and defeat them. The battle between Hollows and Explorers in Zenless Zone Zero decides the fate of the metropolis world.

Which is the best starting faction to join in Zenless Zone Zero?

Belobog Heavy Industries is one of the best factions to join as a beginner of Zenless Zone Zero. It’s headed by Koleda Belobog, a passion leader who strives hard for her people. The goal of this group is to develop Industries and flourish more resources. Join this faction and eradicate the Hollows from the New Eridu.

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