How to Kill Seeker Soldiers in Valheim?



Here’s our Valheim guide to defeat and kill Seeker Soldiers in Valheim. Follow our tips and tricks to beat these dangerous creatures.

Valheim is a survival adventure. Every minute is unpredictable in the game’s challenges and boss fights. There are many wild locations and mobs in the Tenth World. You need to complete all main story missions to progress. There are small challenges and boss fights. The boss fights will take in different biomes. You will be against powerful creatures and evil mobs in the game’s boss fights. Seeker Soldiers are powerful mobs and you can find this creature in Mistlands Biome. You can also fight against the seeker soldiers in infested mines.

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Seeker Soldiers are aggressive and dangerous with enormous attacks and maxed HP.  You can get to the spawn points in both infested mines and the mistlands biome to locate the boss. The parrying technique is the best strategy to counter seeker soldiers and their moves. You can target its weak spots and inflict massive damage. A powerful insect-like creature that you need to defeat to progress in the game. To those who are looking for the best tips and tricks, here’s how you can beat and kill seeker soldiers in Valheim.

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Tips and Tricks to Kill Valheim Seeker Soldiers

Make your way to the spawning zone in Mistlands Biome. You need to carry the best set of weapons and gear to tackle the mob’s dangerous attacks.

  • Best Weapons & Equipment – Mistwalker, Frostner, Arbalest Crossbow, Staff of Embers, Frost Staff, Traps, Feather Cape Gear
  • Locations – Mistlands and Infested Mines

Phase 1

The boss has full HP. You can parry most of its attacks and make sure to avoid incoming massive attacks. Seeker Soldiers is highly resistant to Pierce and you can use fire or poison elemental attacks as the insect-like creature is vulnerable against elemental and magic weapons. You can utilize Feather Cape Armor to avoid damage. Seeker Soldiers can fly and launch fiery attacks. Melee weapons can be ignored against seekers as they are only vulnerable against elemental magic and ranged weapons. Go with the best elemental weapons and unleash massive damage.

Valheim Seeker Soldiers

You can play as a group to survive this challenge and kill the mob easily. Abdomen is its weakness and you can exploit its weakness by unleashing fire arrows. Use Frostner and Staff of Embers as both have the best frost effects. Use Arbalest bows with poison elemental arrows to deal massive damage. The cross bow has the best damage stats and you can reduce Seeker Soldiers’ health and energy levels quickly.

The mob unleashes a double claw slam and you can parry this attack. You can also use a carapace bolt with bows to deal x2 damage.  Continue parrying as it’s the best strategy to counter its moves. Parrying also deals double damage. You can avoid weapons that deal physical damage and use only elemental magic weapons and attacks to survive its moves.

Continue with the same strategy and keep attacking with your weapons. You need to attack and only attack to reduce its health. After a while, the fight goes to the next phase where these creatures become more aggressive and powerful.

Seeker Soldiers
Seeker Soldiers

Phase 2

Seeker Soldiers are rejuvenated and you need to maximize your resources to overcome this stage. Equip more gear and weapons. Use the best shield to avert its claw attacks. One can attack its abdomen, while the other can stay behind and parry its moves. The rest can continue to deal damage and use magic weapons to attack. You can avoid swords for this round. Use only bows and magical weapons along with elemental arrows. You can attack its abdomen by staying behind the creature and focus on its rear end or the pink spot below the abdominal armor set. 

Whenever seekers fly, you can use ranged weapons and bows. Continue attacking and you can also swap weapons regularly to deal more damage. You can use poison and frost magic attacks to drain its health. Parry its attacks and use Staff of Embers to counter. Use Frostner in the final phase. The knockback and damage are excellent in Frostner and this will help you to negate the enemy’s explosive claw attacks.

Deal more damage and you need to attack for a long time to defeat the Seeker Soldiers as their health is beyond limited. Unleash fire and frost arrows with the best bows. You can again use the Mistwalker sword to inflict severe damage. Traps can also be used and they are effective in reducing the HP of these hazardous creatures. These are the strategies and attacks against Seeker Soldiers. Once you manage to reduce their health to 0, the battle will be completed and you can make the final attack to kill the mob. Once seeker soldiers are killed, you can collect rewards as drops and leave the biome. Here’s what you will receive after Killing the ant-like creatures, seeker soldiers in the game.


  • Mandible
  • Seeker meat
  • Carapace
  • Seeker soldier trophy

That’s everything you need to know about Valheim Seeker Soldiers and the tricks to kill them easily. Defeat seeker soldiers and you will be able to unlock the following Seeker challenges in the game. We will come back with more Valheim updates and guides soon.

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