How to Grow Crops in Lego Fortnite?



Finding it hard to grow crops in Lego Fortnite mode? Discover the step-by-step procedure along with locations to farm all required resources.

Fortnite Underground season has been a revelation with some new additions to the game. With the collaboration of Fortnite x Lego, a brand new exclusive survival crafting adventure has been added. Fortnite Lego, the new survival game mode is all about crafting equipment, building houses and bases, and doing activities. After numerous Fortnite collaborations, the makers have unleashed a couple of in-game modes.

Lego is a unique world in Fortnite where you can ride a plane, upgrade villages, craft benches and even grow crops. Fortnite Lego is built with Lego bricks and resources. You can equip Lego-themed skins and cosmetics after exploring this in-game mode. Also, there are different biomes and villages in the Fortnite Lego world.

There are lots of quests and players have to equip resources and tools to craft the required structures. To grow crops in Lego Fortnite, you have to procure all farming resources like seeds and fertilizers. Growing crops is also a part of the weekly mission, so you have to gather the required materials from the workbench, chests and more places. Here is all about growing crops in Fortnite Lego and the required farming materials.

Steps to Grow Crops in Lego Fortnite

Be it the sandbox or survival mode, Fortnite Lego is always fun and thrilling. By farming crops, you can avoid diseases and hunger. To complete this challenge, you have to get some resources in different places. You can farm all types of crops in every biome and poi. The three major resources to farm crops are Seeds, Fertilizers and Soil. Here are the best ways to gather resources and grow crops in the Fortnite Lego world,


In Fortnite Lego, you can collect seeds from chests. This is the best way to farm seeds. The other way is to build a Grain Mill by accumulating resources like Cactus and Shell. From the Grain Mill, you can get all the resources. You can also get seeds by eliminating opponents.

Grow Crops in Lego Fortnite
Plot in Fortnite Lego


Fertilizers are common ingredients to grow crops. Be it Pumpkin, Corn, Raspberry, Snowberry or Whiteberry, everything is found in the Grasslands, Snow and other biomes. You can visit the Shore and Dry Valley as well to collect some resources.


Without soil, you can’t grow crops of plant seeds. So, it’s essential to get soil in the Fortnite Lego world before farming. First, you have to craft a shovel using materials like Wooden Rod, Planks and Lumber Mill. With these materials, you can craft the Shovel in a workbench. Use the Shovel and start digging random locations to get soil.

Digging on grassy lands is the best way to get soil. Next, you have to build a garden plot from the building menu in your Village. After crafting a plot, you can start depositing seeds, fertilizers and plants to yield crops.

Also, you can assign these tasks to villagers. Villagers always look for jobs, so you can recruit some and make them complet the farming task. That’s how you can complete this Fortnite Lego challenge. Growing crops is one of the challenging tasks in Fortnite Lego. By following these methods, you can complete this challenge easily.

Grow Crops in Lego Fortnite

That’s everything you need to know about the best ways to grow crops in Lego Fortnite from our guide. We will come back with more interesting updates soon. The infantry rifle will be a powerful addition to your inventory.


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