Where to Find Fortnite Trailsmasher SUV in Chapter 5 Season 1?



Struggling to find the Trailsmasher SUV vehicle in Fortnite? Then, check our guide to find the car’s location and its features.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has plenty of weekly quests and bonus goals. Even the Lego mode is available where you can explore new characters and unlock Lego-themed skins. Fortnite Chapter 5 unleashed lots of new features and content. Right from Trains to new locations, everything has been exciting. The Eminem Outfit is classy and it is available in selectable styles.

With new events and collaborations, Fortnite Underground season is going to be exciting. There are new weapons and vehicles. Vehicles are rare to find in Fortnite. The new Trailsmasher SUV is a stunning vehicle that you can take while completing a mission.

Trailsmasher SUV rarely spawns in a location. This Heavy car can be found in snow biomes. It bolsters high HP and mobility. A stylish car with the best features is rare in Fortnite. You can find the high-speed Trailsmasher SUV while completing one of the game’s weekly quests. Here’s where you can find the Trailsmasher SUV vehicle in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

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Fortnite vehicle

Locations to Find Fortnite Trailsmasher SUV in chapter 5 Season 1

Trailsmasher SUV is a grandeur off-road vehicle. You can drive the car off-road and explore new locations across biomes. A top-class vehicle is always handy and takes you promptly to destinations.

As of now, Trailsmasher SUV spawns only in a single location. You have to reach the Reckless Railways PoI and head towards the right side. As you reach the Grand Glacier entrance, the car is seen near a gate. The black colored car is a heavy vehicle and it comes with full fuel. You can drive the car and go on a ride on the island. The Trailsmasher SUV is a limited-time vehicle and it will disappear soon. So, ensure you use this opportunity and drive this amazing car.

Fortnite Trailsmasher SUV in Chapter 5 Season 1

Trailsmasher SUV is only available in Grand Glacier. It doesn’t spawn in other locations and you won’t be able to receive this as a quest reward. So, head over to Grand Glacier and pick the vehicle before your opponents reach. The Trailsmasher SUV vehicle in Fortnite is a unique car that’s never been unleashed.

Trailsmasher SUV is a good off-road vehicle. You can explore the entire snow biome and travel to nearby locations as well. Also, there are dirt bikes and small cars in the current season. Driving vehicles will be a fascinating experience and this time you can land on trains and loot rewards as well. Fortnite Underground, the new season has enthralling features and the new additions have hit the bullseye.

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Trailsmasher SUV car in Fortnite

That’s everything you need to know about finding Fortnite Trailsmasher SUV in chapter 5 season 1. Also, you can discover the best Baller locations here.


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