How to Get the First Ever Legacy Weapon in COD Mobile

COD Mobile Legacy Weapon

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Are you ready to get your hands on the first ever COD Mobile Legacy Weapon? Follow the guide below to know how to get it.

In the latest update of Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, which is named Veiled Uprising, players have been introduced to the very first COD Mobile Legacy weapon blueprint. This Legacy weapon is known as the Type 25 – Phoenix Inferno. This particular weapon has become highly popular among players and is now available for purchase in the Store. However, obtaining the blueprint for the Type 25 – Phoenix Inferno can be a difficult task for many players.

To help players acquire this COD Mobile Legacy weapon, a new event called the Unlocked Arsenal has been introduced. In this event, players can earn various rewards, including the Type 25 – Phoenix Inferno blueprint. In this guide, we will provide you with all the details that will help you to get your hands on the blueprint and other rewards from the Unlocked Arsenal event.

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How to Obtain COD Mobile Legacy Weapon and Other Epic Rewards

Players who are eager to get their hands on the COD Mobile Legacy Weapon, the Type 25 – Phoenix Inferno, will have to participate in the Unlocked Arsenal event. The event is divided into two layers of rewards, the inner rewards and the outer rewards. The inner rewards include the coveted Type 25 – Phoenix Inferno weapon, while the outer rewards contain a Key that can unlock the inner layer.

To gain access to the inner layer, players need to collect seven Keys, which can be acquired by drawing rewards from the outer layer. However, obtaining the Keys can prove to be a challenging task, as they are among the rarest rewards in the outer layer. To draw rewards from the outer layer, players need to spin the rewards wheel, and each spin costs 10 CP. Alternatively, players can opt for the five spins option, which costs 50 CP.

As players keep spinning the outer layer rewards, they might end up with duplicate rewards before finally receiving the Key they need. This process can be both costly and time-consuming. All this makes it important for the players to be strategic and patient in the pursuit of the Legacy Weapon.

Inner Layer Rewards and Their Probabilities

The following are the inner rewards in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4’s Unlocked Arsenal event, along with their initial odds, which can increase with each draw:

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  • Type 25 – Phoenix Inferno: 0.08%
  • Portnova – Ghost: 1.25%
  • RPD – Big Comrade: 3.55%
  • RUS-79U – Little Comrade: 3.55%
  • Renetti – Tiny Comrade: 8.57%
  • Battle Dancer emote: 38.00%
  • Karambit – Phoenix Aflight: 45.00%

Outer Layer Rewards and Their Probabilities

In addition to the Key, the outer layer rewards include various epic items that can help players enhance their COD Mobile experience. The following are the outer layer rewards and their initial odds:

  • Key: 0.08%
  • Phoenix Ascendent spray: 17.48%
  • Silver Crate Coupon: 17.48%
  • Parachute – Phoenix Aflight: 32.47%
  • Credits: 32.47%

Other Rewards

The following rewards can also be added to the outer layer with their respective probabilities:

  • Phoenix in Amber charm: 0.05%
  • Helicopter Phoenix Aflight: 0.05%
  • 60 Mythic Cards: 0.05%
  • Three Battle Pass Tier Cards: 0.05%
  • Mechanic – Phoenix Aflight: 0.15%
  • Backpack – Phoenix Aflight: 0.15%
  • 35 Mythic Cards: 0.15%
  • Two Battle Pass Tier Cards: 0.15%
  • Maximum Chill Legendary Calling Card: 0.60%
  • Motorcycle – Phoenix Aflight: 0.60%
  • 10 Mythic Cards: 0.60%
  • One Battle Pass Tier Card: 0.60%
  • Frag Grenade – Phoenix Aflight: 1.20%
  • Ninja – Phoenix Aflight: 1.20%
  • 10 Mythic Cards: 1.20%
  • One Battle Pass Tier Card: 1.20%
  • Battle Snapshot Avatar: 3.00%
  • Wingsuit – Phoenix Aflight: 3.00%
  • Five Mythic Cards: 3.00%
  • Two Silver Crate Coupons: 3.00%
  • Phoenix Ascendant spray: 7.00%
  • Heartbeat Sensor – Phoenix Aflight: 7.00%
  • One Silver Crate Coupon: 7.00%
  • One Silver Crate Coupon: 7.00%
  • Parachute – Phoenix Aflight: 13.00%
  • Stellar Profile frame: 13.00%
  • One Silver Crate Coupon: 13.00%
  • Credits: 13.00%
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Summing Up the COD Mobile Legacy Weapon Details

In the outer layer of the Unlocked Arsenal event, players will find a set of five rewards at a time, and they must acquire all of them to obtain another Key. Players need seven keys to unlock the inner layer rewards in COD Mobile. However, some of the rewards in the outer layer can be repeated, which means that players have to keep drawing until they have collected the required Key. 

Obtaining the Key can be quite challenging, but the thrill of trying to unlock the rarest rewards in the game makes it worth the effort. So, players who are determined to get the COD Mobile Legacy Weapon (Type 25 – Phoenix Inferno blueprint) or any other epic reward in the Unlocked Arsenal event must be patient and persistent in their attempts to draw the required items.

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