Stellar Jades are a valuable resource in Honkai Star Rail. Our guide provides tips and tricks on how to obtain them and enhance your gameplay. Don’t miss out on this essential guide!

Honkai Star Rail is a recently released mobile game that offers players an RPG gaming experience set in a futuristic world. One of the most valuable resources in the game is Stellar Jades, which is an important item to upgrade your characters’ abilities and progress through the game. 

If you too are eyeing to get your hands on Stellar Jade in Honkai Star RailIn we will suggest various methods to acquire Stellar Jades, for you to unlock new possibilities and dominate the battlefield. It is a very useful asset to have with you to unlock unique in-game items and for your character.

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Honkai Star Rail

How to get Stellar Jades in Honkai Star Rail?

Here are a few ways through which you can win the Stellar Jades more frequently if you maintain consistency in following the below-mentioned steps

Complete Daily Missions

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Daily Missions in Honkai Star Rail

Daily tasks are a good way to gradually build up your collection of Stellar Jades. These missions frequently involve objectives like clearing a certain number of levels, eliminating specific opponents, or getting a set of materials. The possibility of getting Stellar Jades is more and it will also allow you to develop your characters if you consistently complete these tasks.

Participate in Events

Honkai Star Rail Events
Honkai Star Rail Events

Honkai Star Rail frequently features exciting in-game events that offer unique rewards, including Stellar Jades. Keep an eye on the game’s event lineup and participate in these events actively. Some events may require you to complete specific objectives or participate in limited-time challenges, but the effort is well worth the reward. Take advantage of these opportunities to earn additional Stellar Jades and boost your progress.

Progress in Story Mode

Honkai Star Rail Main Story
Honkai Star Rail Main Story

The story mode of Honkai Star Rail is an important part of the gameplay and offers chances to earn Stellar Jades. You will receive rewards for completing story objectives as you go through the game’s story. In order to maximize your resource acquisition, it is necessary to keep progressing through the story because the rewards frequently include Stellar Jades.

Participate in Co-op Battles

Honkai Star Rail co-op battles
Honkai Star Rail co-op battles

You can team up with other players in cooperative battles to take on difficult challenges. The multiplayer experience provided by these fights is unique, and there is also a possibility to win Stellar Jades. You can get an ample amount of Stellar Jades to support your character growth by coordinating your efforts with others, taking down tough enemies, and finishing cooperative objectives.

Daily Login Rewards

Honkai Star Rail rewards players through daily login bonuses if they are consistent in logging in the game. By simply logging into the game every day, you can collect many rewards, including Stellar Jades. Even if you are not ablr to give much time in the game, logging in regularly ensures a consistent supply of this valuable resource.

Daily Login Rewards
Daily Login Rewards

These are a few ways to get your hands on Stallar Jades in Honkai Star Rail. Make sure that you keep consistency in following these methods to have an increased chance of getting Stellar Jades in Honkia Star Rails.

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