How to Get Rick Grimes Skin in Fortnite?

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Want to unlock the Fortnite Rick Grimes skin? Then, check our guide and find the best ways to equip the iconic ‘Rick’ Skin.

The last phase of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 brings in new content and events. The Fortnitemares event for 2023 is live with new quests, skins and cosmetics. Popular fictional characters have made their way to the Fortnite item shop and one among them is Rick Grimes. Players can unlock Rick Grimes from the item shop. 

Rick Grimes is an iconic character from the post-apocalyptic horror drama tv series named “The Walking Dead”. Rick Grimes first appeared in Fortnitemares 2021 and has appeared over 20 times till date. This skin is available in the item shop and it’s not a free quest reward.

 With ongoing Fortnitemares 2023, you can get his skin with selectable styles. There’s even a chance for players to explore the Fortnite Chapter one maps and locations. The Fortnitemares event has many challenges and quests. You can amass tons of xp and new cosmetics from popular series. Rick Grimes is one of the all-time favorite skins for Fortnite players. Here’s all about the Rick Grimes Fortnite skin and ways to get it.

Fortnite Rick Grimes Skin Price!

To get Rick Grimes skin, you have to spend some bucks. Rick Grimes is an epic outfit. You can purchase it in two ways. Here is how to get it,

Fortnite Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes
  • Unlock the Rick Grimes skin for 1500 v-bucks
  • Purchase the Rick Grimes Bundle for 1900 v-bucks that also include other cosmetics

These are the ways to acquire the Rick Grimes outfit. This skin doesn’t come as a quest reward in Fortnitemares. But you can get other cosmetics by playing Halloween-themed challenges. 

Rick Grimes will be available in two selectable styles. One is Rick Grimes default skin and the other is Winter Rick Grimes. You can change it after equipping the outfit. Apart from Rick Grimes, many Halloween-themed skins have returned to Fortnite. You can purchase Michael Myers outfit, Alan Wake skins, and even Jack Skellington spooky skins.

Fortnitemares is one of the biggest Fortnite events and lots of new challenges are out. Defeating Kado Thorne and obtaining Witch Broom is essential to progress in this event.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Rick Grimes skin in Fortnite. Also, find the best ways to collect the powerful Wood Stake Shotgun.


What is Fortnitemares in Fortnite?

Fortnitemares is a Halloween-themed event in Fortnite. Every year, the Fortnitemares event will be added to battle pass and there will be a set of quests along with cosmetics as rewards. You can also unlock new skins by playing challenges. Fortnitemares is one of the best events from Epic Games where yoh play spooky missions and unlock spooky rewards.

Is Fortnite Creative Good?

Fortnite creative is one of the three available game modes where you can explore tons of maps created by fans and creators. You can play in horror maps, anime maps and puzzle themed maps. You just have to enter codes for every Creative island. Fortnite creative is easily one of the best modes that offer a stunning experience.

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