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Fortnite 2018 07 12 is the date when Chapter 1 Season 5 was released in Fortnite. Many believe it might be the key to revisiting the classic map.

As players find more and more interesting hints and artifacts in Fortnite, excitement grows in the world. As of the latest Fortnitemares 2023 update, Kado Thorne’s mysterious Time Machine has been added, along with the mysterious date “2018 07 12.” This new information has led to a lot of guesswork, with both players and fans wondering what this date means and how it might affect the future of the game. So what is Fortnite 2018 07 12? We will discuss everything about it and also tell you if the Fortnite 2018 07 12 Chapter 1 map coming back or not.

Fortnite map
Fortnite map

The Fortnitemares 2023 Extravaganza

Fortnite enthusiasts were in for a treat on October 10, 2023, as the annual Fortnitemares event made a grand return. This beloved update rolled out with a dazzling array of additions to the game, promising an unforgettable gaming experience.

Fortnitemares-Specific Quests and Cosmetic Rewards

The addition of quests and cosmetic rewards that are only available in Fortnitemares is one of the best things about the update. These changes not only make the game better, but they also give players new things to do and goals to reach. A brand-new user interface (UI) was released by Fortnite to make its loyal fans even happier. This change to the way the game looks should make getting around even more fun.

With the return of old favorites like the Pumpkin Launcher and Witch Broom, Halloween is still going strong in Fortnite. Long-time players are sure to feel nostalgic when they see these popular seasonal items.

Chapter 1 Map Revival

However, it’s the discovery of a Time Machine in the game that has set the Fortnite universe abuzz. This Time Machine, prominently displaying the date “2018 07 12,” has piqued curiosity and speculation. What could this date signify, and why is it causing such a commotion among the game’s devoted fanbase?

Is Fortnite 2018 07 12 Chapter 1 Map Returning?

In the world of Fortnite, something big happened on July 12, 2018. Not long after the Fortnitemares update came out, players found an amazing Easter egg in the form of a Time Machine at the Frenzy Fields attraction. The mysterious vampire boss and time traveler of this season, Kado Thorne, is said to have something to do with this Time Machine.

The date of Fortnite 2018 07 12 on the Time Machine points to an interesting possibility: going back to the exact moment when Chapter 1 Season 5 came out. This would bring Fortnite back to its roots, a time when it was very famous and reached new heights. People have been guessing that this Time Machine could one day let them play on the Fortnite game as it was in July 2018, or at least a version that looks a lot like it. There have been rumors that the Time Machine will land in Frenzy Fields, which is surrounded by parts of the original map. However, it is still unknown if players will be able to use it.

The time machine with the date
The time machine with the date

For dedicated Fortnite fans, the prospect of revisiting the classic map from over five years ago is nothing short of a dream come true. The allure of reliving past glories and exploring familiar locations has ignited a sense of nostalgia among the player base. Amidst the excitement, some players have expressed dissatisfaction with the changes made to the user interface. They argue that these alterations have had a negative impact on the overall gaming experience, sparking a heated debate within the Fortnite community.

Season 5 Theme

The theme for Season 5 was “Worlds Collide,” symbolizing the convergence of different realms after the map-altering events of the previous season.

Season 5 introduced a multitude of game-changing elements, including the appearance of a mysterious purple cube. This cube materialized through a massive rift in the sky, caused by The Visitor’s rocket launch. Dubbed “Kevin The Cube” by the community, it traversed the island, eventually dissolving into Loot Lake, leaving an indelible mark on the game’s lore. Season 5 saw the replacement of iconic map locations like Moisty Mire, now replaced by the Desert and Paradise Palms, as well as Anarchy Acres, which was transformed into Lazy Links. These alterations had a profound impact on the game’s landscape.


To sum up, finding Kado Thorne’s Time Machine and the mysterious date “2018 07 12” has added a sense of wonder and mystery to the world of Fortnite. The future is still unknown, but the idea of going back to the Chapter 1 map from Fortnite 2018 07 12 is very exciting and has the whole Fortnite community on the edge of their seats. Even though the game is always changing and surprising its players, one thing stays the same: Fortnite’s history is deeply rooted, and its fans may still find more surprises along the way.


Is the Fortnite Chapter 1 Map actually returning?

The return of the Chapter 1 Map in Fortnite is a subject of speculation and excitement within the community. While there are hints and a Time Machine bearing the date “2018 07 12,” it’s not confirmed yet.

How was the Fortnite map different in Chapter 1 Season 5?

Chapter 1 Season 5 was known for the “Worlds Collide” theme, introducing iconic elements like the purple cube, major map changes, and new additions to the game.

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