How to get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4


With their freezing abilities and puzzle-solving prowess, Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin are indispensable allies on your journey. 

In Pikmin 4, where creatures roam and mysteries await, one particular type of Pikmin stands out – the Ice Pikmin. These frosty little helpers possess unique abilities, including the power to freeze enemies and bodies of water, making them indispensable for certain puzzles and battles. If you’re wondering how to get your hands on these chilly companions, look no further! We have the scoop on locating the elusive Ice Pikmin Onion. This guide will tell you how to get the Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin.

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What Sets Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin Apart?

The Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin brings a different set of skills among the diverse range of Pikmin in Pikmin 4. Capable of freezing enemies and slowing them down, these cool creatures may not be the most powerful when dealing damage, but their utility is unmatched. In some scenarios, you’ll need Ice Pikmin to navigate across frozen waters, opening up new paths and unveiling hidden treasures. To cultivate them, you must first obtain the Ice Pikmin Onion.

How to Get Ice Pikmin

Securing the Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin Onion is no easy task. Players must go deep into the game and approach its conclusion. Only then will you find yourself in the Hero’s Hideaway area, the fourth region in Pikmin 4. Once you’ve reached this stage in the game’s main campaign, the opportunity to acquire the Ice Pikmin Onion will present itself.

Inside the Hero’s Hideaway, your adventure begins on the first floor of a peculiar house, teeming with treasures, foes, and secrets. As you explore the area, watch for the coveted Ice Onion. On one of the tables, getting Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin at your base is your ticket.

All Blossoming Arcadia Treasure Locations In Pikmin 4

To claim the Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin Onion, follow these steps:

  1. Ascend onto the flying platform, which leads to the kitchen countertop.
  2. Proceed to the right, where you’ll encounter a stove with several burners.
  3. One of these burners conceals a cave known as the Frozen Inferno.
  4. Brave the challenges of each sublevel within the cave to emerge on a platform next to the slab.
  5. Take a leap of faith to find the precious Ice Onion awaiting your discovery.
  6. With perseverance and a crew of 30 or more Pikmin, transport the blue Onion safely back to your base.


Once you successfully bring the Ice Pikmin Onion to your base, you can say farewell to scouring frosty caverns for these frosty companions. With your Onion enriched by this newfound addition, you’ll have the means to grow Ice Pikmin whenever needed.

The world of Pikmin 4 is a vast and enchanting place filled with wonder and challenges. Remember to head to the Hero’s Hideaway, explore the house, and uncover the Ice Pikmin Onion to unlock the potential of these frosty companions. 

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