How to get Fortnite Ballistic Shield in Chapter 5 Season 1?



Fortnite Ballistic Shield grants a powerful pistol. Discover the best ways to unlock the Ballistic shield and find out its uses.

Fortnite Chapter 5 has been the season of debuts. Right from locations to weapons, Epic Games unleashed lots of features to the game. Players can go on trains and hack resources, unlock the SUV car and go on a ride, explore the LEGO mode and collect Lego-themed skins and cosmetics. Finding Witch Broom locations becomes easier as new POIs have been added to the islands.

The Lego mode will be a survival game and here you have to craft resources to survive. With so many changes, there have been new augments and weapons. New Shields and Society Medallions have been added through the new update. These equipment grant temporary healing and will be a useful addition to your kits.

The Ballistic Shield is one of the newest additions to Battle Royale. Shields are essential equipment and they boost your base defense. With shields, you can block attacks and withstand heavy damage. Be it while knocking out enemies on trains or defeating bosses in biomes, you need the best shields along with some powerful quest items and this strategy gives you an upper hand against enemies. The Ballistic Shield is an excellent equipment that also grants a pistol to players.

Fortnite Ballistic Shield
Ballistic shield

Best Ways to Unlock Fortnite Ballistic Shield

Ballistic Shield is a unique equipment that provides armor and grants a weapon. Ballistic Shield in Fortnite can be acquired in many ways. Here is how you can unlock the shield,

  • Ballistic Shield is found as floor loot and chest loot
  • You can unlock Ballistic Shield from chests, vaults and supply drops
  • You can slay bosses and eliminate opponents and pick the shield from their vaults

These are the best ways to equip the Ballistic Shield in Fortnite. The shield is heavy armor and you will automatically unlock a Pistol. While firing attacks from Pistol, you can protect yourself with the shield. 

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The shield has infinite health, but once you start receiving damage, the hp goes down and the shield will disappear. The shield can be used with other equipment, quest items and weapons. Completing side-quests becomes easier with these types of equipment.

Shields are effective items. The new Fortnite season has plenty of boss fights against all new bosses in the game. So, equip the shield and increase your defense stats. Apart from shields, you can use new consumable items, augments and society medallions. These utility items provide huge buffs to shields and your resistance against attacks will be gradually increased.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Fortnite Ballistic Shield. The Infantry Rifle in Fortnite is a stunning weapon and this gun has high damage stats.


Can you Loot Rewards on Fortnite Trains?

Yes, you can land on trains across Fortnite islands. While you land on a train, you can unlock treasure chest rewards, defeat enemies and perform actions. You can easily spot trains on maps and then land on the best spots. You can find chests, weapon caches and more loot.

What’s Fortnite Lego?

Fortnite Lego is a new survival and crafting game mode. Fortnite Lego adventure takes you to a unique world where there are hundreds of Lego characters. Also, in the Lego game mode, all skins will be Lego-themed. There are new Lego NPCs and lots of mini-games in the Fortnite Lego game mode.

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