How to get Arctic Haze in Destiny 2 – Guide


Are you finding it difficult to get Destiny 2 Arctic Haze? Do not worry, our guide will help you to get your hands on this weapon.

As part of the Europa weapon set, Arctic Haze is an auto rifle. This Auto Rifle is one of the standout weapons from the loot found on Jupiter’s moon. Playing Beyond Light allows you to unlock the Europa Weapons list, but it’s more difficult to unlock than any of the other weapons and armor. 

In addition to having a Rapid-Fire Frame, the Arctic Haze deals solar damage and has a larger ammo reserve. It is slightly faster to reload the magazine when it runs out. With regards to the stats, the weapon has an impact of 18, range of 32, stability of 53, handling of 48, reload speed of 53, and round count of 720. So how to get the Destiny 2 Arctic Haze? We are going to tell you everything in our guide below.


How to get the Destiny 2 Arctic Haze

A quest titled “Europan Explorer 1” must be obtained from Variks in Destiny 2: Beyond Light to get Arctic Haze. After you unlock the quest, you can follow through it to obtain Arctic Haze as well as other Europa weapons. Users have reported that before Arctic Haze becomes available in the drop pool, you must complete Europa Explorers 1 and 2.

Another user who found the weapon said it is possible to find it anywhere on Europa in any activity with any enemy, according to the game. It’s very likely that you will find the Arctic Haze if you search for a long time around Europa, but if your luck is totally against you, it’s also possible that it won’t spawn where you’re looking. A legendary weapon like the Arctic Haze is a rare drop.

With an attack of 1050, Destiny 2 Arctic Haze fires 720 rounds per minute. It has some incredibly impressive stats concerning stability, handling, and reload speed. Europa Explorers 1 and 2 should be unlocked in order to unlock the Arctic Haze.

More details from other players

One Reddit user said that the Haze cannot be accessed until you have completed Europa Explorers 1 and 2, so you will be able to get it from High-Threat spawns on Europa once you have done this. You will need to defeat 50 yellow-bar enemies during an Empire hunt for the Explorer 2 Quest if it is not different for everyone. When you’re done with the warrior hunt, you’ll spawn 6-8 yellow bars during the fight, so just die before killing it.

You will find a second viable quest tab after completing these two quests at the Europa contact at the landing zone that requires you to obtain the weapon for 30 Herealways pieces. According to the Reddit user, in order to farm this specific gun, he has been semi-afking in Cadmis Ridge and killing the High-Treat robots spawning there during snowstorms.


Remember that they arrive in a rotating cycle every 5 minutes or so. This will allow you to obtain Herealways Pieces for the quest as well as naturally occurring Haze drops along with the Destiny 2 Arctic Haze.

So this is how you will get the Destiny 2 Arctic Haze. Follow the guide carefully and you will get this weapon.

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