The Fortnite Crash Pads are back in the game after a long time. Read below to know where you can find it and how you can use it.

It’s all part of Epic’s No Sweat Summer Event, which continues to provide players with constant quests, maps, and items to keep them busy. The Fortnite Crash Pads are back. Fortnite Crash Pads were introduced in the 12.30 update in March 2020, allowing players to fall from great heights without being injured if they deploy them, even if they don’t have the item equipped.

The item was later vaulted during the 15.00 patch in December 2020, and Fortnite Crash Pads haven’t appeared in nearly two years. To know how to find Crash Pads in Fortnite and also how to use them, read our guide below till the end.

How to find Fortnite Crash Pads?

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, crash pads appear for the first time. While this is not the first time the item has appeared in the game, many players will want to give them a shot. It appears that this item can appear in chests and supply drops scattered throughout Fortnite’s map, so players should look for them. 

Yes, it is that easy. It can appear in them, and players should simply open up every container that they come across. The Rave Cave and Tilted Towers are two locations where chests appear in high density, making them great targets for players who want to be more proactive.

In addition, Crash Pads can be found as floor loot. Based on this third source, players will have little problem finding the item as long as they focus their search on named locations. This is particularly true given that the Crash Pad is simply a Rare Item and thus not a very difficult item to obtain.

How to use the Crash Pads in Fortnite

Despite taking up a weapon inventory slot, Fortnite’s crash pads are rare items used to boost the player’s mobility around the map. They’re something between a trap and a utility item, enabling players to use them without equipping them.

Using the crash pads
Using the crash pads

Players can deploy this item while they are waiting in the air, where the deployed Fortnite crash pads will stay in the same spot until they deflate after a short period of time. This item is essentially a bouncer, as it is a large pad that launches players into the air with an anti-gravity effect to ensure that they land safely. If you land on something it cannot land on, are too close to another deployed crash pad, or are struck by a weapon, your crash pad will fully deflate.

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