How to Defeat Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail?



Struggling to defeat Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail? Our guide includes the best tricks and counters to overcome this massive challenge.

There are many bosses in Honkai Star Rail. You can fight against these bosses as a part of the Trailblaze, Adventure, and Companion missions. Echo of War are challenges that you can access after completing some Trailblaze missions. In Echo of War, you fight against some powerful bosses of the game. There are a couple of Echo of War challenges right now.

End of the Eternal Freeze is one among ma u challenges of Echo of War. Here, you fight against Cocolia, the Mother of Deception. She’s from the Everwinter Hill of Jarilo-VI Planet. The requirement to fight against Cocolia is to complete the “In the Dangerous Muddy Swamp” quest and reach Trailblazer level 24 as well. Here’s all about the Cocolia boss fight and how you can defeat her in Honkai Star Rail. Also find out the tips before starting the challenge.

Tips and Tricks to Beat Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail

Once your complete the requirements, you get access to the boss fight against Cocolia. She has two forms and this challenge will be a test of your strength and intelligence. Cocolia deals with Ice damage and she’s also highly immune to the Imaginary type.

 You can counter Cocolia using Fire, Light, and Quantum units. She can freeze enemies and stun them with various attacks. You can go with the Trailblazer Fire unit and other Lightning characters as well.

You can also go with Asta or Himeko. Qingque, Seele, or Silver Wolf can be your sub-dps. The other units can be Tingyun, Bailu, or Arlan. Finally, you can go with the best healer.

Phase 1

Cocolia deals ice damage and she blends ice and snow to freeze her opponents. Cocolia is also an excellent AoE unit. Your characters will also change into preservation fire form and this helps you deal more damage to her. Keep attacking her and also use shields to avoid losing hp. Swap your skills constantly and stun her. Inflict massive fire damage whenever your turn comes.

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She can trap your units using lock attacks. Cocolia locks on to nearby enemies and she will also freeze them for a while. You can counterattack and taunt her with a fire elemental skill. Focus on her hp and use your powerful skills everytime. She does not get killed easily.

Honkai Star Rail Cocolia
Cocolia Boss

Cocolia also summons small units and they are highly vulnerable against fire damage. If you fail anywhere, you can bring in March 7th as she boasts massive fire damage and her kit includes the best light cones and skills as well.

Phase 2

Cocolia will appear in fire preservation form. Your units get access to the same as well. Avoid her AoE attacks and she will deal imaginary DMG in this phase. Cocolia also gets a massive boost to her speed. You can also summon Engine of Creation, a giant robot like creature or a construction machine that you can use to counterattack her moves. Her movesets become harder and you have to continue with the same plan.

Keep attacking her and swap your units. If one unit has less hp, you can stop them for a while. Also use bonus skills that can inflict massive fire damage on Cocolia. This is the best strategy to defeat Cocolia and you can complete the battle as soon as her health is 0.

That’s how you can defeat Cocolia, the Mother of Deception in Honkai Star Rail. You will get some rewards for completing this Echo of War challenge.

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