How to Complete Holding Back the Flood in Diablo 4


Remember, the key to conquering Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood quest lies within the hidden depths of the Season Journey tab. 

Diablo 4′s Season 1 has unleashed a tidal wave of new content for players. Among the many quests lies a mysterious challenge called “Holding Back the Flood.” Gamers across the realm have been struggling to conquer this enigmatic quest due to the lack of clear instructions. We know the secrets behind this task and will share the missing link that will lead you to triumph. Brace yourself as we unveil everything you need to know about completing Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood quest.


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How to Complete Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood

As you traverse through the Season of Malignant content in Diablo 4, you will come across the cryptic quest, “Holding Back the Flood,” in your quest journal. The problem lies in the quest’s meager instructions. You must complete Chapter One and Chapter Two of the Season Journey to conquer it. Seemingly straightforward, but many have been left scratching their heads, yearning for additional context.

The Hidden Key to Success

The key to mastering the Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood quest lies in the unlikeliest of places. It’s the Season Journey tab. Introduced at the beginning of season one, this tab holds the key to unlock the secrets of “Holding Back the Flood.” Here’s how you can locate it within the depths of Diablo 4:

  1. On PC, access the Season Pass screen by pressing the shortcut “U,” or if you’re on the console, open the Menu and tab across.
  2. Look for the Season Journey button, which, when clicked, reveals a list of objectives and chapters crucial for your progression.
  3. To conquer the Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood quest, ensure you complete all the objectives under Chapters One and Two of the Season Journey tab.
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As one of the more enigmatic quests in Diablo 4, “Holding Back the Flood” offers little information to guide players. Unraveling its mysteries requires a stroke of luck and some investigative prowess. Our journey to uncover this quest took us on a whirlwind exploration through various screens, seeking the clues that eventually led us to the hidden Season Journey tab.

While “Holding Back the Flood” may prove to be a mystery, the challenge itself embodies the spirit of Diablo 4’s adventurous world. Embrace the unknown, for it is in conquering the mysteries that we grow stronger and more resilient as adventurers. The thrill of the hunt, the pursuit of triumph, and the camaraderie forged along the way are what make the Diablo series a beloved legend in the gaming realm.



In the vast and treacherous landscape of Diablo 4, the “Holding Back the Flood” quest stands as a testament to the game’s complications. Unveiling its secrets demands a keen eye and a touch of luck. So, as you go on this thrilling journey through Season 1, keep our insights close at hand. 

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