How to Beat Valentine’s Day Challenge in Clash Of Clans



Here’s our Clash Of Clans Valentine’s Day challenge guide with the best tips and strategies to complete the raid.

As Valentine’s day approaches, the Supercell team has come up with another exciting Clash of Clans challenge. The new Valentine’s Day Challenge event is live in CoC and it’s going to last for another 10 days. This new CoC challenge is to showcase and promote the new exclusive Heart Hunter Queen skin. Completing the Valentine’s Day Challenge will get you 20 Gems, 400 XP, and Hero Potion. This challenge is all about deploying your troops and getting Three-star achievement against the Town Hall Level 15 Base and other resources. Here’s our easy guide and tips to complete the CoC valentine’s day event.

Clash Of Clans Valentine’s Day Challenge – Easy Tips and Strategies

You are about to ride a village that has Town Hall Level 15 and even the other troops are stronger. So, here are the best tricks to complete the CoC valentine’s day challenge raid.

Valentine's day challenge Clash of Clans
Valentine’s day challenge
  • First unleash your archers, goblins, and golems to destroy elixir storage and Town Hall. You can also go with Grand Warden for Town Hall. Use Rage/Invisibility Spell if required.
  • Destroy Tesla and Monoliths with Super Archers, Sneaky Goblins, and Earthquake spell. This combination will also destroy other nearby resources and storages.
  • Deploy Earthquake spell, Golem, and Grand Warden for remaining Elixir and other storages to gain the first star.
  • Again you can use Super Archer, Golems, and Earthquake Spell for Scattershot, Tesla, and Archer Tower.
  • Use goblins and archers to destroy Cannon and gold storage. You can deploy 10 or more.
  • Finally, you can go with Golem, Super Archer, and Rage Spell to demolish the wizard tower. You can also deploy Barbarian King, Grand Warden, and Archery queen to destroy Inferno Towers and remaining resources. Utilize Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Archer Queen abilities to complete the battle.

You can mix up these troops and spells. Additionally, you can also deploy other powerful troops and spells that you own in CoC. Complete the battle and get your rewards. The valentine’s day challenge will be available for another 10 days in CoC. You can also purchase the new Heart Hunter Queen Skin from the in-game shop.

How to Get the Heart Hunter Queen Skin in Clash Of Clans?

The new Heart Hunter Queen Skin has been added to CoC in-game shop. You can purchase this dazzling queen skin for $9.99 on or before 16 February 2023. The Hunter Queen Skin is not available as a challenge reward. As of now, this is the only way to acquire the heart hunter queen skin in Clash Of Clans.

Valentine's day challenge Clash of Clans
Heart Hunter Queen Skin in CoC

That’s everything you need to know about the Clash of Clans Valentine’s Day challenge and Heart Hunter Queen Skin. Complete the CoC valentine’s day challenge raid by following our guide and tips. We will come back with more Clash Of Clans guides and updates soon.

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