Do you want to know how to beat The Mechanist in Fallout 4? Our guide below will explain to you all the details about this fight so that you can win easily. 

As a result of drawing inspiration from comic books and radio shows, Isabel decided to use her skills to improve the Commonwealth. Discovering a pre-War factory that had been run in conjunction with the military, she set to work. It appears that the Mechanist is sending out dangerous robots equipped with robo-brains to seemingly destroy anything in its path, causing tons of survivors to perish. If you don’t know how to beat The Mechanist, then read our guide below.

The Mechanist fight gameplay
The Mechanist fight gameplay

How to Beat The Mechanist

Eventually, you will reach the sub-basement where you will encounter the enemy leader after pushing through the walls of robots. In order to get the best dialogue options for this confrontation, equip the Silver Shroud armor, as it unlocks some pretty cool dialogue options. In addition, be sure to acquire a surplus of ammo, and to have alternate weapons. Focus on weapons that deal extra damage to robots, if you do not have something like the Overseer’s Guardian that you prefer to use. 

There will be waves of enemies, and explosives will be helpful, as well as mines or grenades if needed. Nevertheless, once you reach the final confrontation, The Mechanist will unleash a barrage of robots at you. The easiest approach to defeat them is to perch on the elevated walkways and direct the enemy robots into the stairwells. Lay mines down anytime you have a chance since they function nicely here. However, keep going; you don’t want to become encircled.

While there aren’t lots of powerful enemies in this game, when three or four of them surround you, they can take you out pretty quickly. Stick to the rafters, picking off robots as you go, and eventually, some interesting areas will appear. Any time the fight seems to be dragging, be sure to quickly save. In the case of your death, this will make sure that you don’t have to engage in a lot more fighting.

Beware of your surroundings
Beware of your surroundings

Talk to the Mechanist

The power shuts down after a few waves, and The Mechanist is willing to speak. At this point you can simply attack him, ending his reign of terror. However, talking to him is a more ethical and better option. Fallout 4: Automatron includes many characters who are misinterpreting the robots’ orders. Explaining this to The Mechanist can cause the conflict to end peacefully. It’s important that you have enough charisma to do this discussion. Choose the right dialogue and you’ll find out a lot about The Mechanist.

Things to keep in mind

  • It isn’t endless, but it appears that way. There are a lot of robots to destroy, and your jet will be needed. 
  • If you allow the attacking assaultrons just a few seconds to attack, they will fry you right away. 
  • A weapon with a fast rate of fire and high damage is recommended. 
  • A 1,000 round ammunition supply and an assault rifle with 80 shots are other options.

So this is how to beat The Mehcanist in Fallout 4. Once you follow the guide carefully, this fight will be very easy for you.

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