In this guide, we will tell you how to beat Humphrey Omori. This is a very long fight so read everything carefully till the end.

Humphrey is a light blue whale and serves as the final mandatory boss for the HEADSPACE segments of OMORI. He wears a smile that shows his teeth constantly. Besides being tattooed on the top of his head, he has a long tongue that can act as a bridge into his insides as it is anchored to the boardwalk.

Through the numerous buds in his insides, he is able to interact with his surroundings even while he is within. While these buds can move separately, they all appear to be connected to an overall consciousness shared by the entire body of Humphrey. In Humphrey’s insides, there is primarily pink color, and his intestinal liquids are green. In Molly’s sector, the liquid is blue, in Medusa’s sector, the liquid is green, and in Marina’s sector, the liquid is reddish.


Many players are wondering how to beat Humphrey in Omori, and we are here exactly to answer and give you a solution for this. If you want to know how to beat Humphrey in Omori then read our guide below as we have explained everything in detail.

About Humphrey Omori

First, let us know a few more details about this boss. Humphrey can interact with his insides by means of buds. The buds are either tasked by the Slime Girls or are just there to help fill the emptiness of his gut with mundane activities like relaxing and playing games. 

The games he’s built that he can play himself highlight his easygoing and fun-loving nature, especially as they are demonstrated in Medusa’s lab. He’s also careless and prone to mistakes, as demonstrated in Molly’s lab. His buds appear to be afraid of Marina since she uses them for experiments.

It is recommended to be around level 30 when you start the fight with Humphrey since he doesn’t have any emotional gimmicks similar to the other major bosses before him. Instead, he specializes in brute force. Even though it’s one of the game’s lengthy fights, you’ll start it with a brand-new party, eliminating the need to spend items on healing after defeating the Slime Girls. There are different phases of this fight, so read carefully if you want to know how to beat Humphrey Omori.

How to beat Humphrey in Omori: Swarm (First Phase)

His first form is a SWARM of his buds, but their attack isn’t particularly impressive. In spite of their numbers, the entire swarm counts as one enemy and can be struck multiple times by different party members. Use this opportunity to establish your buffs and your emotion strategy. When you defeat him in this Swarm phase, he will signal the next phase with “The final fight has just begun, but can you win if we work as one?”

Humphrey swarm
Humphrey swarm

How to beat Humphrey Omori: Humphrey Grande (Second Phase)

When Humphrey’s HP drops below 10%, he will automatically switch forms to Humphrey Grande, initiating the second phase of the battle. Having now merged into one gigantic bloated bump, Humphrey Grande looks like a larger version of a regular Humphrey bump with many of its smaller variants popping out all over. In this form, his attacks largely remain the same, but are larger and deal more damage. By far, this form is the simplest, since Humphrey will only have one attack, using it no matter how he feels. 

To advance the fight, keep up the offense and heal as needed, and you will be able to finish the fight in no time. After Humphrey’s HP is reduced to 10%, he begins to initiate the third and final phase of the fight, where he swallows the party and takes the form of Humphrey (FACE). When you defeat him in this Grande phase, he will signal the next phase with “Just a warning, it’s about to get smelly! It’s time for you all to get in my belly!”

Humphrey grande
Humphrey Grande

How to beat Humphrey Omori: Humphrey Face (Third Phase)

Due to the fact that the following phase remains stationary, this serves as the actual final phase of the fight. Moreover, Humphrey will always perform his swallow move at the end of every turn, causing the party to suffer steadily increasing damage. Humphrey opens up the third phase of the fight by swallowing the party, taking damage to each and every party member. He will do this forever, gradually damaging the party, darkening the backdrop, and muffling the battle theme.

A battle this intense becomes an endurance match since you’ll have to contend with the usual attacks he makes, as well as the fact that he’ll damage the entire party at the end of each turn. Snack Time means party members are constantly refreshed, so it is not uncommon for one of them to do so. The aesthetics of the fight would suggest otherwise, but Humphrey will maintain any Emotions or debuffs applied to him during this phase, so this will greatly reduce his end-of-turn damage.

Omori is able to absorb hundreds of Energy in a single turn between his regular attacks and regular swallowing of the party, so don’t be afraid to be more liberal with your Follow-Ups. Release Energy with Omori if you need to, but remember that he can tank multiple instances of all-out attacks.

Humphrey face
Humphrey face

Things to keep in mind

You should let Omori and Aubrey focus their energy on DPS. Headbutt/Beatdown, Hack Away, and Snack Time keep everyone energized. Make him Angry, then use Mock to lower Humphrey’s Attack. If it feels like you need to level up more, do the grinding in Dino’s Dig in Orange Oasis.

With either the hero’s weapon at the junkyard or Kel’s weapon at sweetheart’s castle, you can have lots of help in this fight. Damage can also be minimized by making everyone angry and your whale depressed.

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